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Monday, October 31, 2005

When I`m Wrong I`m Wrong-Thank Goodness

It is with great joy I am forced to admit I was wrong (and I hate being wrong)! Bush picked Alito for SCOTUS. Read about it at Stop the ACLU here.

I`m glad to see the President had the courage to do the right thing.



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

From what I've read, Alito was at the absolute top of everybody's list -- I couldn't be more pleased. He's so highly qualified and such a relief and contrast after Miers that it's like a new day dawning. I'm sure he will be approved -- he's simply too smart and too qualified for the dems to do anything about. And after the conservatives pressured against Miers and even the senators had to back down from backing her, I think even the RINOs will back him and that gang of 14 will fall apart. Here's hoping anyway.

8:16 PM  

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