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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

RINO Droppings

I just received a copy of Rising Tide, which is the magazine of the Republican National Committee. I suppose they sent it to me because I donated a couple of dollars to the Party before the `04 election, although I haven`t done anything since, and had never received it before now. Being a sucker for free stuff, I eagerly flipped through the glossy publication only to be horrified by what I was seeing; if this magazine is any indication of where the Republicans are headed the Conservative movement is in deep trouble.

The magazine opens with a letter from GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman, in which he bragges about the outstanding accomplishment of Republicans-including the highway budget buster bill, the reprehensible energy bill (which forces stricter CAFE standards as part of government mandated conservation), and the party`s efforts to ``reach out to all communities``-which is code for the big tent philosophy which has been fracturing party unity and giving us such wonderful things as President Bush`s ``guest worker`` initiative for illegal aliens. (This was one factor in GOP gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore`s loss-Kilgore was here! He shouldn`t have wasted his time.)

``Inclusion`` was a big theme (not much talk about including conservatives, though) and much talk was given to how Republicans can spent taxpayer money to accomplish this; ``The President`s plan already has created 2.3 million new minority homeowners since he was elected...He has pledged to help create 5.5 million minority homeowners by 2010, so that the gap between minority and non-minority homeownership will be gone forever`` according to the Chairman. Not only is such targeted policy discriminatory (to those not covered under the programs) but it is not at all something a believer in limited government can condone. It is not the job of government to buy people houses, and the Republicans USED to be the party who opposed robbing Peter to buy Paul`s vote. No longer; we now have Democrat lite.

Page eight boasts about the ``nation`s first energy legislation in more than a decade`` as if more government control and largesse is cause for pride. The core of this boondoggle is the establishment of ``new energy standards``, and this alleged republican magazine crows about this with pride. Further, they brag that this law REQUIRES (read forces) the annual use of 7.5 billion gallons of ethanol and biodiesel (which cost much more without government subsidies than gasoline), as well as funds windmills and other moonbean energy schemes (the very schemes which lead to the power shortages in California). Another article on page 8 waxes poetic about the jobs to be brought to America thanks to the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act, and they actually have the gall to say, ``The bill will create jobs, fund vital highway and mass transit programs...and holds the line on the budget... President Bush said the bill `is going to give hundreds of thousands of Americans good paying jobs`..the American Road and Transportation Builders Association estimates 47,500 jobs are created for every $1 billion invested``! I feel like I`m in a time warp! Has Bill Clinton returned to office? Has Jimmy Carter?

There is a large, sickening piece by Laura Bush in which she lauds The Helping America`s Youth Conference. She brags about how this group has spent millions to find out ``what factors drive children toward risky behavior`` (gee, Laura, I guess eating too many pop-rocks), and she pushes such drivel as the ``good behavior game`` for first graders (why aren`t children learning to read in first grade?) and the Computer Asssisted Debate project, in which middle-schoolers learn to voice their emotions with debate ``rather than turning to violence and anger as a means of expression``! It looks like Hillary has returned, too! She likes a tattoo removal program run by a group called ``Homeboys Industries``; I suspect this is government funded, also.

Pages twenty and twenty one feature more on the outreach to minorities, by Matthew Dowd in which he bragges about President Bush increasing his vote among African Americans by 70% (of course, in 2001 he received only 8% of the black vote, so ANY increase was guaranteed to be enormous) and devotes considerable time to Bush`s outreach to hispanics (which is failing, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.) All of these outreach programs are at taxpayer expense, and are of dubious value to the longterm success of the Party and those they are designed to help.

Pages twenty two and twenty three deal with No Child Left Behind; there is something to rally the troops! Education is a matter for the States.

Twenty five and twenty six treat us to an essay by Senator James Inhofe about the Clear Skies Act, which imposes even more regulation on industry in an effort to steal environmental issues from the Democrats, page 31 ballyhoos Bush`s Prescription Drug (abuse) Program, etc. How fast can we spent your money, folks?

The last page has an add with this plea:


Considering what a huge pile of RINO droppings this agenda is, I have to say thanks but no thanks.

It`s clear conservatives have lost control of their party.



Blogger Michael Morrison said...

Is the fact the Republican Party has sold out lovers of liberty, advocates of small government, wishers for smaller government a dead horse that it is pointless to beat?
Is it pointless to remind you and other suckers of Republican Party bait-and-switch politics that you have been betrayed?
Is it pointless to tell you -- again -- that you have been sold out?
Tim, Tim, Tim, when are you going to realize the Republican Party is a hopeless vehicle for you and any other supporter of liberty, of lower taxes, of lessened spending?
You say you are not surprised by the garbage the RNC is now bragging about, garbage it formerly would have criticized the other old party for.
Then leave that sinking ship.
In this case, the rats will be the ones trying to sail on, sail on, oh ship of state.
Come on over and sail on our ship of freedom, the U.S.S. Libertarian Party.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Jami said...

homeboy industries is a religious organization. you republicans love jesus, right? especially you "gimme my bong" libertarians, right?

9:43 PM  
Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Disgusting -- I'll paraphrase Ronald Reagan -- I didn't leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me! RINO droppings indeed!! That about covers it!

10:10 PM  
Blogger TJ Willms said...

[The] "Republican Party has sold out lovers of liberty, advocates of small government" etc...

They have indeed, with their constant attempts to steal liberal issues from their liberal opponents by offering liberal solutions, hoping to garner votes from liberals and to avoid being labeled “conservative” in the liberal media. Anyone spot the trend here?

Save your contributions for now Tim, hopefully a “Real” [read Reagan] conservative will emerge in the near future of the Republican Party and be worthy of your support. To continue contributing now would be “casting pearls before swine” and would allow the party leadership to think you like what they are doing. Hell I gave my contribution to the waitress at “Perkins” last night because she takes of the issues that matter to this “conservative.” Have they learned nothing from the furor surrounding Harriet?

The Republican Party will have to “cleanse the stain” of the Rino droppings from the party after Dubya is gone just as the Dems should have done with their own party after Wild Bill hit the road. Hopefully, the Republican Party won’t make the same mistakes again, the poor Dems can hardly wait to repeat their folly.

2:02 AM  
Anonymous GM Roper said...

Tim, we can bitch about the take-over by the dem-lite's or we can take our party back. I'm for the latter.

5:34 AM  
Blogger Michael Morrison said...

GM Roper, nice thought, but they won't let you have it back.
Even when Reagan was president, the Republican left controlled the reins and pretty much the purse-strings.
Look at how the budget grew and grew and the deficit grew and grew.
Read David Stockman's "Triumph of Politics" to learn why. By the way, the leftist "news" media totally mis-characterized the book, making it seem anti-Reagan and anti-Reaganism -- and it wasn't.
TJ Willms seems to be waking up, too, realizing the allegedly "G"OP is hopeless and out of date.
Aussiegirl is, as usual, right, and she will sever the ties completely one of these days, and I hope soon.
As to Jami, gosh, I can't figure what the heck he means. I wonder if he can.
Anyway, come on, you all, and take that next step.
If you aren't yet strong enough, emotionally or intellectually or philosophically, for the Libertarian Party, then at least look at the Constitution Party.
Yes, it's rather Taliban-lite, but it is at least honest, opposed to the war of aggression, supportive of the Constitution, sort of, and opposed to more taxes and spending.
In short, it seems to me to be closer to what conservatives say they want and believe than the Republican Party has been since Reagan's first campaign.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Michael Morrison said...

Woops, sorry, Jami.
Jami is a "she" not a he and I need new glasses.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.

7:10 AM  
Blogger StaticNoise said...

Ok, so Bush sucks. The Republican controlled Congress sucks. RINO's really suck. What are we to do? Vote for Democrats? Sorry won't do it. Libertarians? Um no, they are mostly missing in action on election day. How does one go about taking back the Party when the media instantly borks anybody who is reasonably conservative. And besides once a Republican gets in office the insatiable desire to be loved by the media turns them into multicultural idiots!

Where are the Reagan Republicans??? On the national stage only Mit Romney says Reaganesque things...

12:36 PM  
Blogger Michael Morrison said...

OK, one more time: When you accept a lesser of two evils, you still get an evil.
Especially when the evils vary only in emphasis.
And before anyone starts to believe Romney offers anything remotely like Reagan, please check out his entire record and everything he says.
Please understand: The Republican Party has been in the control of the Eastern Establishment since forever. It undermined the candidacy of Barry Goldwater and the presidencies of Nixon and Reagan, and of course controlled completely the two Bushes.
The (spit, spit) Republican Party considers you conservatives the same way the (spit, spit, spit) Democrat Party considers blacks: captives.
They think you captives have no other place to go.
If you who claim to be advocates of limited government would join us Libertarians on election day, you would have a positive influence on government and on the Republican Party.
You would show the Republican hierarchy you do too have somewhere else to go and you would help genuine advocates of liberty into office, further helping yourself.
Preaching, or even accepting, the myth this is a "two party system" is a sucker's game.
With two parties, neither truly committed to a philosophy, all the pols seek that amorphous middle, merely trying to out-do the other in vote-buying.
Stand up for your beliefs, if you really have beliefs.
Leave the Republican Party to the statists and collectivists and me-tooers. Perhaps when it collapses completely, you could take it back.
Though why should you want to?

6:06 AM  
Blogger Alnot said...

I too am unhappy with the Republican party also. If they keep angering their base they may go the same way as the Whig Party did into extinction. The libertarian party is not what I am lookig for either. RHINOs are in some ways worse than dummycrats.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Michael Morrison said...

Well, the Libertarian Party is not for everybody -- just the people who want to be free and who want every other person to be free.
But, for people who want honesty and at least some lip service toward the Constitution, there is the not-too-accurately named Constitution Party, sometimes called Taliban-lite.
For those who want honesty and a welfare state, there is the Green Party.
Sticking with the two old parties, however, just gives us more of the same, dishonesty, corruption, wars, taxes, and frustration.

10:09 AM  

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