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Monday, November 21, 2005

Will The Real Jihadists Please Stand Up?

This from The American Thinker:


Bill Palmer understates his case. It’s not that the left is cowardly or timid. Leftist hate this country; some of them hate us almost as much as the Islamic fascists (really they’re the same kind of people using different names). Right now, leftists believe that they can conquer and dominate the United States through lies, fraud and a little violence. If their political influence continues to wane, I’m reasonably sure we’ll witness an escalation in violence. This is a sad, but inevitable consequence of the majority of Americans forgetting the price of freedom. I hope we’ll crack down on leftist groups before it gets too bad, but our current leadership in the Republican Congress doesn’t fill me with confidence. Clarification: I want to be sure that everyone understands who I’m referring to when I say “leftist” A “leftist” as I use the term has completely surrendered any ethics to the ethos “The end justifies the means”. Many leftists have what they think are noble goals. A pristine environment, equal distribution of wealth, healthcare and education for all, any or all of these may be the goals of any one leftist. Indeed, I’m sure there’s a bunch of stuff I’ve left off my list. What all leftists have in common is an absolute disregard for any law or morality, except where they can be used as weapons against an opponent, a desire to use any method (including terrorism) to achieve their ends, and an absolute certitude in the righteousness of their cause. There are very few real leftists in the United States, but there are lots of people who have leftist leanings. Together, they represent the longest term threat to the well being of the United States.

Steven W Dugger 11 20 05

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