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Thursday, December 01, 2005

...We Shall All Hang Seperately

Anti Semitism is on the rise at universities throughout America, according to Dr. Gary Tobin. Our ``tolerant`` Liberal Institutions of Higher Learning are becoming increasingly intolerant of ``the people of the book``, and Jews appear to be high on the blacklist.

Strange, leftwing academia has always claimed a monopoly on compassion and tolerance. I suppose if you are a Jew or Christian you have cast aside your rights to compassionate and tolerant treatment.

In fact, we are the only two groups the left finds it permissible to mistreatment. Justice is not even acceptable anymore to these people; look at the defense of Saddam Hussein being made by these bastions of compassion! WE are the evil ones for toppling a regime of rapists, torturers, and murderous thugs. We must understand them, must ``embrace their differences``. It must be the fault of those pesky Jews and Christians that they behave the way they do!

To any Christians or Jews who don`t get it, this should put an end to all doubts; we, the faithful, are both under attack. Why? Because we both worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. To our leftist enemies there is no difference between a Jew, a Protestant, or a Catholic-we are all the enemy. We need to understand this. Since the birth of liberalism in the 18th century we have been too busy fighting among ourselves while the real enemy has been steadily advancing on us. (This enemy, I might add, will turn on Islam, too, as soon as the children of Muhammad have done their dirty work.) It`s time we stop squabbling over our differences and stand together.

To quote Benjamin Franklin, ``if we do not hang together, we shall all hang seperately.``

If we allow the Hallowed Halls of Academia to hang Judaism in effigy, we should prepare for similar hangings of the rest.



Blogger Esther said...

GREAT post, Tim. And right on the money. The left seems to have a pathological need to route for the underdog. Their just too stupid to realize that's exactly what we are.

10:04 PM  

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