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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gaia Throws a Gore-Like Tantrum

Last night Mother Gaia attempted to smite the purveyor of planetary plunder (little `ole me) with a fearsome display of wind and Global Warming; we had temperatures in excess of 100* fondly fahrenheit, and a hurricane-like storm rolled through the St. Louis area, knocking down trees, telephone poles, lightposts, midnight basketball goals, etc. (I feared Al Gore was in town, and he was MAD...) My wife and I tried to go out to eat (to avoid globally warming the house) but lightening hit the transformer so the restaurant had to close. The city looked like a coastal town after a hurricane; trees were down everywhere, blocking the streets or on top of cars and houses, there were poles with hot wires in the road, debris of every kind was strewn about. Clearly, it`s not nice to fool Mother Nature!

Most of the city was without power (we were lucky) and is expected to remain without it for an indeterminate amount of time. Temperatures are expected to surpass 102*, with high humidity and more storms on the way. There`ll be no air-conditioning and no refrigeration in much of the metro area. Our fearless Mayor hunkered down in an emergency bunker last night, and I expect he will ask the Governor to declare a State of Emergency.

Our rail-transit system was down and many roads were blocked last night, so the city had to charter buses to evacuate people from the Cardinals game downtown, where the poor shlubs were treated to an outdoor event they won`t soon forget. (Sadly, I missed out on that experience.)

Fortunately, temperatures are supposed to break, and they are predicting highs in the upper 80`s for the weekend; of course, they`re also predicting more storms...

At any rate, despite Mother Gaia`s best efforts, Birdblog is up and running! It`s going to take more than an Al Gore-like temper tantrum by Mother Nature to shut me up! At least, I`ll be here if the power stays on...

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