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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Whatever Happened to Elian Gonzalez?

Our old friend Steve Rankin from Free Citizen has started a scrap over at his site about the fate of Elian Gonzalez. Anyone who remembers the circus freak show that was the Clinton Presidency remembers his jack-booted thugs storming Elian`s temporary home in Florida to seize the child and give him back to Castro, er, his father-at the behest of Janet ``the Rhino`` Reno and her uberboss herr Clinton. It was a disgraceful display by the pinkish Clintonistas, but entirely predictable given the character of his Administration and the trendiness of Castro among their ilk. As was typical, Clinton refused to wait for the judicial process to play out; he, like Sylvester Stallone`s character Judge Dred, believed he was the law and that he could act in whatever way he saw fit. (And the Democrats have the gall to call Bush a fascist!)

Whatever happened to poor Elian? He was sent to ``boarding school`` where he picked tobacco 8 hours a day after 16 hours of ``education``; he went to a gulag for brainwashing would be the way a normal American would see it. But this was in the child`s best interest, they told us! He should be with his abusive father in that tropical hell! How dare WE seperate a child from his father?

There is a hot argument going at the moment-including an atheist who has some, well, interesting ideas (I mean to be kind) on the matter; don`t miss it!

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