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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Assimilating Us

Is the current immigration situation analogous to previous waves? Are we merely experiencing a peak in immigration similar to 1905? Absolutely not, according to this piece in Human Events Online.

This fits with the research I have done (see Barbarian Invasions); the current situation is of an entirely different character, and the new immigrants will not be assimilated. Furthermore, as Mr. Johnson points out in his piece, the numbers of illegals generally cited is an estimate, and most likely far below the actual level.

I disagree with Pat Buchanan on many fronts, but I agree with the title of his book ``State of Emergency``-this flood of invaders is, indeed, an emergency, one which will destroy this country in the coming years. A nation isn`t a nation if it loses it`s cultural identity to an influx of alien peoples. Case in point; Missouri was home to the Osage Indians until white settlers came. The Osage had been here for centuries, yet I haven`t seen a single one of them around here lately. Why? The whites outbred them. The whites didn`t become Osage, they assimilated the Osage who wouldn`t leave Missouri.

How long will it be before Mexico assimilates us?



Blogger Don Bangert said...

Your post raises an interesting idea that I don't think has yet been addressed by libertarians. The non-aggression principle holds that "aggression" - which is defined as the initiation of physical force or the threat of such upon persons or their property - is inherently illegitimate. From this and other principles, it is argued that all persons are free to enter into voluntary contracts for labor regardless of geo-political boundaries. Generally, I agree with this position. Put more simply, Mexicans should be free to come to the U.S. to seek employment and American's should be free to go to Mexico to do the same.

The point that you raise and which I think needs to be addressed is that it can be demonstrated their underlying motivation for mass illegal immigration is to forcefully remove whites from "their land". In my opinion, this would be classified as an initiation of force on our persons and/or property. In that sense, our government would most definitely be doing it's job in protecting "life, liberty, and happiness" of Americans by forcefully opposing illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

Like I said, this needs to be studied more closely, but your post has planted the seed. I'll let you know if it grows into something more.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Thanks, Don!

7:38 AM  

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