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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Historical Peaks of CO2 higher than present

Timothy Birdnow

I just stumbled upon a 2007 paper by Ernst Beck that claims, well, this:

"More than 90,000 accurate chemical analyses of CO2 in air since 1812 are summarised. The historic chemical data reveal that changes in CO2 track changes in temperature, and therefore climate in contrast to the simple, monotonically increasing CO2 trend depicted in the post-1990 literature on climate-change. Since 1812, the CO2 concentration in northern hemispheric air has fluctuated exhibiting three high level maxima around 1825, 1857 and 1942 the latter showing more than 400 ppm. Between 1857 and 1958, the Pettenkofer process was the standard analytical method for determining atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, and usually achieved an accuracy better than 3%. These determinations were made by several scientists of Nobel Prize level distinction. Following Callendar (1938), modern climatologists have generally ignored the historic determinations of CO2, despite the techniques being standard text book procedures in several different disciplines. Chemical methods were discredited as unreliable choosing only few which fit the assumption of a climate CO2 connection."

Beck, E-G, 2007; 180 Years of Atmospheric CO2 Gas Analysis by Chemical Methods; Energy & Environment, Vol 18 No. 2, 2007

Here is the pdf file for the entire paper

and here is the documentation

One of the cornerstones of Global Warming alarmism is that we are experiencing the highest CO2 levels in ten thousand years, and that the rise in carbon dioxide is driving the late twentieth century warming trend. If Dr. Beck is correct, we had higher CO2 levels than today; in the 1940's it spiked over 550 at one point.

Beck bases his conclusions on collected data from direct measurements made via bottling of air, instead of reconstructions using ice cores. Modern climatologists seem to ignore the direct measurements in favor of proxy reconstructions.

Why haven't we at least heard about this outside of the blogosphere? Agenda anyone?

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