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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From Last Month; TSA Agents Stealing more than just a Kiss

Dana Mathewson

(What can I say -- I'm behind.) Beware if you fly!

From The Patriot Post:

TSA Stands for 'Take Some Assets'

There has been much outcry over the enhanced "security" procedures implemented by the Transportation and Security Administration. Now the arrest of a TSA agent shows that Big Sis is not only stealing our dignity; her agents are stealing our belongings. A Houston agent was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor after an undercover cop posed as a Good Samaritan and turned in a wallet containing $1,000 in cash. The wallet, however, didn't go to lost-and-found, but instead found its way into the agent's backpack.

For those who think this is the isolated act of an underpaid government employee, think again. The thievery has become nothing short of epidemic. In fact, a Newark agent was arrested after it was discovered that he was moonlighting as an eBay merchant. His merchandise? A $40,000 trove of goods he had stolen from the luggage of unsuspecting travelers.

While agents at the New York City-area airports seem to be the biggest culprits, this is a nationwide problem. In fact, since its inception in the wake of the September 11th attacks, 500 TSA agents have been fired or suspended for ripping off airline passengers. Yet TSA continues to make excuses, saying that less than half of one percent of its employees are thieves. Now, imagine a private corporation offering up such a lame defense.

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