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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Green Nazi Deep Ecology of Martin Heidegger at AT

Mark Musser has another brilliant analysis of philosopher Martin Heidegger and his connection to Environmentalism and Nazism at American Thinker.

National Socialism was infested with "Green" thinking, and forms the roots of the modern green movement. I would strongly recommend reading Mark's book "Nazi Oaks" for those interested in understanding the connections between the Third Reich and the rising of the Green Reich we are witnessing these days.

From the article:

"More than a few environmental historians have pointed out that since Heidegger did not believe in biological racism, he cannot be considered a genuine Nazi. Faye, however, strongly points out that in place of a fundamentalist view of Nazi blood, Heidegger taught a racial rootedness in the German soil that was ontologically or existentially based rather than biologically based. This ontological en-rootedness only deepens the issues further. It provides a philosophical justification for German racism without it being tied to the fundamentalism of Nazi scientism. This, in turn, provides a broader foundation for Nazi doctrines to rest upon, pollinate and grow. That such nuances have been used by scholars to disassociate Heidegger from National Socialism needs to be corrected and abandoned. Heidegger's fascism is built on environmental existentialism rather than biological scientism. Indeed, in his Heidelberg courses he enlightened his audiences by saying that, "the Fatherland is being itself."

End excerpt.

Don't miss the rest of this terrific piece!

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