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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Playing Submarine in the U.S. Navy

Brian Birdnow takes on the newest dunderheaded scheme of liberals - this time women are being placed in combat situations on U.S. submarines, and Brian points out the great folly in a piece at Townhall.

This is ripe for innuendo; "Run silent, run deep!" , "damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!," etc.

How about these quotes:

"Suction on After Trim, Sea venting."

USS Sea Owl (SS-405) Auxiliaryman Mike Aarons, at the air manifold, to a Sub School trainee Diving Officer following his command to pump after trim to sea.

-- submitted by Theron (Dave) Davis, USN-Ret.

"Never Give In, Battle Cry:

Take her fast,
> Take her deep,
> Take her where the fishes sleep..
Damn the depth,
Damn the pressure,
> Take her down just like the Thresher... "

From the Olympia SSN 717 book of poems. Author unknown
Submitted by Henry Arevalo

"It's a hard fight with a short stick”

Chief Officer Steward Dogan on the USS Gurnard during WWII - said when the going got rough.
-- submitted by Glenn Milhorn

"Remember to keep a fox tail handy and your drain tubs clear.”

Found this in the back of one old Piping Tab given to me by Don Gotta (Popeye Don).
-- Andrew "Papa Rose" Rose, YNC(SS), Hammerhead and Henry Clay.

"Too much ship to throw away for one small hole.”

Commander Johnny Hyde upon deciding to not scuttle USS Bergall after a 5" enemy shell ripped a 5 foot hole in her pressure hull just above the waterline, 2,000 miles from home on her second war patrol, Dec. 15, 1944.
-- submitted by Mike Brood

"Take her down!”

Howard Gilmore, Captain of USS Growler, badly wounded, ordering her down without him to save the boat.
-- submitted by John Clear

Sort of gives new meaning to the phrase "playing submarine".

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