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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dems Outraising GOP

Timothy Birdnow

Troublesome signs on the horizon.

According to The Hill The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has outraised the National Republican Congressional Committee. In August they raised 3.6 million to the NRCC's 3 mill, and in 2011 $41.3 mill to 40.4.

Rick Moran figures it is a result of the incompetence of the NRCC and he has a big point there; people are still angry with the GOP in general, although they are gung-ho on individual GOP candidates - particularly Tea Party people (whom the RNC generally haven't supported and do not like).

However, I wonder if this isn't a function of larger things. This is Waterloo for the socialists/statists/radicals and their agenda; there will never be an opportunity like this in at least a generation, and maybe more. They see this as their moment, and are desperate to make permanent change to the Peoples R, er, Republic. They are going to spend as much as they humanly can. Corporations, too, will donate to the Democrats; they have a nice, cozy relationship with this rulilng Junta and would like that to continue. (Big corporations love regulations and restrictions BECAUSE it guarantees their position; nobody can compete with them under a heavily regulated regime.) GE, Goldman Sachs, Buffet, Soros, all want to keep the Democrats in power. They will donate heavily - and force their employees to donate as private citizens to get around McCain-Feingold.

Let's face it; the core of the Tea Party is composed of working people and enterpreneurs, those most seriously hurt by the bad economy. The Democratic base is composed of those on the government dole, union people, government workers, and the very wealthy. They aren't really hurt in their disposable income by the bad economy. Their money is largely guaranteed. They can afford to write checks to the DNC without fear that they may be hurting themselves down the line.

Many of these groups - particularly labor and the very rich - act as money-laundering instruements for the Democrats, and much of the stimulus went to teachers, to construction unions, to dependent companies like Solyndra that leech off government. They send that money to the DNC in the form of campaign contributions. And the stimulus was a trillion dollars...

Granted, donations to the RNC will increase as the election draws near, but will there be enough money to compete with the Democrat's slush fund?

And in the end too many Americans like government spending, government programs, being coddled and babied by surrogate parents in Washington. Too few people really think about the meaning of things like the Constitution and why limiting government is absolutely imperative to our national long-term survival (and maybe not even long term.) To far too many Americans, history began when they were born, and these problems have always been with them and always would be there; they cannot imagine these things metastasizing.

But it has happened many times in history. Weimar Germany. The Spanish Empire. The British Empire. Rome. Countries can and do collapse from lack of fiscal restraint. And often they end up with despotisms. Americans have been entirely too eager to trade their freedom for security; we know what Benjamin Franklin said about that.

Perhaps there really is a true awakening in this country; I certainly hope so. But there is a long time to the next election, and Obama and the Democrats will likely have at least equal funding (more likely better) and Obama has the power of the Presidency. Perhaps a military adventure is in order? Doubtless there will be a number of October Surprises waiting in the wings.

Let's not count our chickens before they are hatched.

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