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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chelsea Clinton, the Poster Child for Occupy NBC

Timothy Birdnow

I recently posted about Chelsea Clinton receiving a job at NBC, and e-mailed my brother Brian about it. Here is his reply:

Yes but you knew that this was going to happen. Chelsea has done absolutely nothing in her life...but they were beating the drums for her three years ago, when a puff piece appeared in the NYT talking about her and how "annonymous sources" breathlessly stated that "she will hold high office someday".

Think about this:

She washed out of Pre-Med at Stanford

She spent a year working on some sort of International Relations Degree at Oxford, but didn't go back.

She then basically loafed around in New York doing nothing, but suing a coffee shop that used her image w/o authorization.

She didn't have a job, but hired a "personal assistant" to schedule meetings and plan her affairs.

She then got a job arranged by her old man with a Wall Street hedge fund manager who had contributed a fortune to the Clinton Presidential campaigns.

She didn't have any duties or responsibilities, but she took home a six-figure salary.

After working this "job"for less than a year she took a leave of absence, so she could travel around giving speeches for the Hillary campaign.

She got married last year, but I have heard no references to her husband, so it might already be over.

And yet... the AP story still extols her virtues and even disingenuously states that she is working on a Doctorate at Oxford. Yes, it must be nice being a Presidential daughter, even if you have a face that only a mother could love!


It occurs to me that Brian is right, and that Chelsea is rather a poster child for the 99cent crowd; she starts a great many things but never finishes, and lives off the success of her parents. The reason she isn't holed up in some filthy tent in a park somewhere is that she has very rich and very successful parents, nothing more. Can't have royalty sleeping in a tent, after all! But she would fit right in.

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