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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chelsea Clinton on NBC

Timothy Birdnow

The Fourth Estate they call it. Instead of being a watchdog over government, the American media has become a sort of halfway house for government types and their hangers-on. Look at the number of former politicians, political hatchet-men, and their children who infest the "unbiased" halls of journalism. George Stephanopoulis leaves the Clinton Administration, for example, and walks into a prime role at ABC. You have Chris "tingly leg" Mathews, former staffer for Democrat House Speaker Thomas "Tip-O-my-naughty-bits" O'Neil at NBC. You had the late Tim Russert, a former aid to Daniel Patrick Moynihan. All of these Democrats have become major, influential members of the media.

And their children, too. Cokie Roberts, for example is, according to Wikipedia:

"is the third child and youngest daughter of former ambassador and long-time Democratic Congresswoman from Louisiana Lindy Boggs and of the late Hale Boggs, also a Democratic Congressman from Louisiana who was Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. Her sister, the late Barbara Boggs Sigmund, was mayor of Princeton, New Jersey and a candidate for U.S. Senate from New Jersey. Her brother Tommy Boggs is a prominent Washington, D.C. attorney and lobbyist."

End excerpt.

So not only do politicians - and by politicians I mean left-leaning Democrat politicians - infest our "unbiased" media, but so do their children!

How can journalism claim objectivity when it fills itself with partisans?

Granted, Fox News has done likewise, but why shouldn't they; they are following the model set by the MSM.

The fact is, there is a reason why the mainstream media acts as the propoganda wing of the Democrats; they ARE democrats.

Which brings us to this tidbit; Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea has been hired by NBC as a special correspondent.

Now, jokes about cracked mirrors and Medusa-like abilities to turn viewers to stone aside, one must ask what possible qualifications Chelsea possesses to act as a reporter. Her has a masters from the Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and is pursuing her doctorate in public service at New York University. Not sure where journalism comes in here.

This is yet more proof that media isn't unbiased at all, but favor celebrity and especially politically-connected celebrity. As a longtime blogger I am eminently more qualified for this position, yet no doubt NBC would laugh me out of the mailroom (where my resume` would meet it's ultimate end).

There is no longer any pretense of objectivity in the mainstream media. They have become harlots to the rich and powerful, particularly on the left.

Yet no doubt Chelsea will have a long and distinguished career in journalism, and end up accorded honor and respect. The networks have to make her succeed; they can ill-afford to embarass the Clinton dynasty.

Whoever said the world is unfair was truly making an understatement.

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