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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An American Gorbachev

Dana Mathewson

That's what Stephen Green (Vodkapundit) is calling Zippy, after that worthy called Americans fat and lazy recently. (He certainly should know about the lazy part.) A little history is in order here, lest we are condemned to repeat it.

"Well, Mr. President — how did we get so fat and lazy? Where did we ever get the idea that everything would be provided for us? How did the notion ever creep into our pointy little skulls that maybe we shouldn’t take risks or try to earn fortunes? Where did out work ethic go?

"This is the America — or at least close to it — that the Progressives wanted for a century now: Pampered, uncompetitive and unloved. We can live with unloved. We’re kinda used to that by now. But so long as we remain uncompetitive, the pampering can’t last. Meanwhile, the same President who calls us lazy, just punted on 20,000 high-paying jobs."

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