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Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Get a grip or I'm out too" -- Obama

Dana Mathewson

Wherein Zippy pushes the EU to get its financial house in order to prevent his ouster from office. I'd say that's really getting his priorities straight, don't you agree?

FTA: Already the latest joke in Washington is: “Who’s the only person who could defeat Obama next year? Angela Merkel.”

Just a week after the fiasco of the G20 meeting in Cannes, attended by Mr Obama, US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner called for swift action from Europe to implement a set of measures adopted at the end of October.

On a personal note: as part of her job, my wife has to keep track of the European financial situation, and does so partially via a number of financial experts' newsletters. She has reliable info that the Europeans have nothing but contempt for Zippy and Turbo-Tax Tim. "Who are they to lecture us? They can't get their own house in order -- look at the mess they have created and are creating!"

What's that aphorism about those who live in glass houses?

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