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Friday, November 11, 2011

OWS Zuccotti Park fake diabetics

Jack Kemp

This is no surprise. They are also collecting money supposedly to feed the dogs down at Zuccotti Park. I was there twice and didn't see any dogs. I did get asked for money twice within minutes - and refused to give - to some 40ish looking panhandler.

Here's the story from the NY Post.
Scam artists going for 'beg' bucks at OWS protest

Read more:

This is one sweet swindle.

Two booze-swilling grifters raked in as much as $200 a day at the Occupy Wall Street protest by taking turns holding the same handwritten sign that read, “Diabetic . . . Need donations for juice and other supplies . . . Please help me . . . My meds are expensive.”
“Stop taking pictures! Stop taking pictures!” one snarled before folding up the cardboard sign and skulking away.

Legitimate protesters called the con one of many scams turning squalid Zuccotti Park into a beggar’s banquet and said the number of panhandlers hassling passers-by for cash has skyrocketed in the past few days.

James Messerschmidt
DIABETIC SHLOCK: A protest panhandler sets up shop in Zuccotti Park, soliciting “donations” to treat his “diabetes.”

Andrew Kelly
GIMME SOME $UGAR: Another man puts on his best pitiful look while holding the exact same sign a day later in the park.
Some of the panhandlers themselves admit they spend their profits on food and booze instead of “the movement.”

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