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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Laurie Regan strikes out

Jack Kemp

Today, on AT, Laurie Regan wrote her opinion of the charges against Herman Cain. She gave an example of she herself, as a young law student, buying a professor a bottle of wine and accepting an invitation to go with him to a park (any decent woman would hear alarms going off), then on to a beach, where this married guy came on to her. There was enough info there for people in her law class to identify the man. As part of the article, she said all men can't be friends with women because they want sex. This lead to many posts calling her sexist, denouncing her inability to even speculate that the blonde in the Allred press conference may have come on to Cain, etc.

The readers wrote a bunch of comments that reamed Regan a new one. I haven't seen a reaction like this since that other woman wrote the article about "The Muslim Next Door" in her neighborhood who was a nice woman (on the surface) and we should all accept her (without knowing what her husband does).

My favorite reply today was this:

It looks to me like American Thinker is losing it. This article does not rise above liberal speak. The drama of an attorney who highlights her personal mistake as a morality play should not get air time.

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