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Monday, November 07, 2011

Democrat Revolt; Quarter Black may be Benched

Timothy Birdnow

World Net Daily is reporting on a revolt in the ranks against Obama. Seems that many in the Jackass Party want the Jackass-in-Chief to not run in the general election.

From the article:

"Obama's problem is with independents who are inclined to support the Democratic ticket, as just 53 percent said they are satisfied with Obama," he said. "But the news gets worse for Obama, as 35 percent said someone else should enter the primary race against Obama, including half of Democrat-leaning independents.

"And among a demographic group that should be rock solid for Obama – Democratic voters under age 30 – 59 percent said they would prefer Obama to get a challenge for his party’s nomination."

The attitude of support for Obama was revealed in the fact that 34.5 percent of the respondents said they weren't even sure who should challenge Obama.

The largest camp, nearly 44 percent, said Obama should be challenged by Hillary Clinton, and more than nine percent said the vice president, Joe Biden, should try to kick his boss out of office.

Other names that were suggested, mostly with only nominal support, included Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, Ralph Nader, Jerry Brown and Donald Trump, who was the only name also mentioned as a desired candidate on the Republican side.

"The overwhelming choice for the role of challenger is very clear, as 44 percent said they would like to see Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enter the race," said Wenzel. "No one [else] of a group of possible candidates won double-digit support."

End excerpt.

Actually, folks, you read it here first, courtesy of Alan Caruba.

From Alan's article back on June 19 of 2011:

"The polling data is all against him. The failure of his policies, combined with the massive increase in the national debt, rising unemployment, the implosion of the housing market, and a growing perception of incompetence, are coalescing to give weight to the demand that he end his candidacy or resign."

End excerpt.

Obama needs a BIG game changer to stay in office. Of course, he has a year to get it. Look for a major war, folks, or something so dramatic it cannot be ignored. I'd suggest keeping an eye on Iran.

Maybe Obama will accidentally do the right thing.

Also you may want to watch Israel and Palestine. Forging a "permanent peace" would certainly boost his poll numbers. How to do that? Perhaps a U.N. occupation of the contested territories, or a NATO one? I wouldn't put it past Il Duce. Heck, sooner or later SOMEBODY is going to do that - it's in the Bible, after all!

And Hildabeast wouldn't be a very good substitution from anybody's perspective. The Left would end up hating her for triangulating, which she doubtlessly will do, and we'll hate her, well, because she's Hillary. Who can like an angry feminist with an ax to grind? President Hillary would make Obama look like Mr. Popularity in six months.

So, if things don't improve drastically soon the first quarter black President (Clinton was officially declard the first black Prez, and Obi Bam Balogna is only about a quarter black since his mother was white and his father half Arab, so in the game of state he's our quarter black - now go out and win one for the Fibber! Cue Notre Dame Fight Song!) will find himself benched. Maybe traded, although I don't know who would take him. Perhaps he can run in Kenya...

At least we wouldn't have to endure any more of his smug condescension. We'll have a whole new leftist creep to concern ourselves with!

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