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Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Knockout Game in St. Louis

Jack Kemp

Hey Fellas: Just a friendly little night in St. Louis, with even the mayor in attendance. Sounds like Pretoria-Johannesburg to me!
A south St. Louis man is out of intensive care following a beating police believe was a part of the notorious Knockout Game. One of the witnesses to the crime just happened to be the Mayor.
This is the fourth instance in recent months of the Knockout Game. It happened right in front the library on Grand near Gravois Friday night.
Charlie Quain says his uncle and neighbor was the fourth and most recent victim of the so-called Knockout Game; a game that’s proven deadly in the past.
“About 18 teenagers jumped on him and started hitting him with bricks for no apparent reason,” said Charlie Quain, the victim’s nephew.
Quain says his uncle was walking home with a neighbor from the Schnucks on Grand at Gravois when he was beaten by a mob of teens. He was only a block from the grocery store, in front of St. Louis’ Carpenter Branch Library. Nothing was taken, and the neighbor was able to escape.
“You can just see the lines and the bruising where the edge of the bricks were hitting him. It makes me very mad. His jaw is wired shut. It has to be for at least six weeks,” said Quain.
Quain says his uncle also sustained severe bruising to his eye, head, and face.
“At first we thought he was crazy. He said the mayor helped him out,” said Quain.
“Saw a man laying in the gutter. He was out. He wasn’t moving, so we pulled over to help, to assist him. When we approached him he was still unconscious,” said Mayor Francis Slay.
Mayor Slay just happened to be riding by with a member of his security team when he noticed the mob of teens, and then Quain’s uncle lying unconscious. The Mayor called for help.
“It was a very disturbing situation at the time,” said Mayor Slay.
No arrests have been made, but the Mayor says he’s talked to Police Chief, Dan Isom about the incident. They’re now working with area schools to locate the suspects.
A donation fund account has been established by the victim’s employer, Joanie Thomas of Joanie’s Pizzeria.
Checks should be made payable to Matt Quain Donation Fund, and can be deposited at any area US Bank, or mailed to Joanie’s Pizzeria at 2101 Menard Street, St. Louis, MO 63104.
The fundraiser will be held at Joanie’s Pizzeria on Wednesday, November 9 at 6 p.m.
For more information on the fundraiser, visit theJoanie’s Pizzeria Facebook page.

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