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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The LOST Weather Stations

Timothy Birdnow

Steve McKintyre seeks the Lost Dharma weather stations:

From the article:

Several years ago, CA helped UCAR locate the lost civilization of Chile. UCAR was then receiving weather information from stations for which they were unable to determine latitude or longitude, including many mysterious stations in Chile. UCAR’s problem was complicated by the fact that it was receiving information from stations with locations unknown to them, but even from stations “with no location” whatever. Perhaps the signals were being transmitted faster than the speed of light. At the time, I noted the intriguing “Bogus Station”.

Berkeley has also encountered lost civilizations and even more Bogus Stations. 649 Berkeley stations lack information on latitude and longitude, including 145 BOGUS stations. 453 stations lack not only latitude and longitude, but even a name. Many such stations are located in the country “[Missing]“, but a large fraction are located in “United States”.

One of the weather stations that could not be located was the mysterious “Camp David” station in the United States, which operated between 2004 and 2008.

If any CA readers have any information on the location of Camp David (or for that matter, Argentina), Robert Rohde of the Berkeley project would, I’m sure, be very grateful for the assistance.

Meanwhile, I’m pondering how one goes about calculating spatial autocorrelation between two BOGUS stations with unknown locations (or perhaps even no locations.) Halloween tales from beyond the crypt.


The BEST research - which ended with Berkeley's Richard Muller concluding that Global Warming was irrefutable - was based on the use of such LOST weather stations. Amazing how these Shangri-la stations are so important to the temperature record!

The fact is, the surface temperature record is hopelessly erroneous, as has been shown by the survey done by Anthony Watts Many have been surrounded by mushrooming cities, and are subject to the urban heat island effect, or have ended up next to mechanical or chemical heat sources. Many others have simply been eliminated, their data being estimated based on other stations that may be hundreds of miles away. And, of course, much of the processing of raw data was being done by people like James Hansen or Phil Jones - dedicated Gang Greeners with open axes to grind. Add these LOST stations to the mix and you have a fairy tale rather than a scientific inquiry.

And the oceans do not agree.

Yet men like Muller can make a reconstruction of planetary temperatures and assert they are absolutely accurate. Global Warming is declared inarguable based on THIS?

Yeah; right!

This "science" is increasingly resembling a science fiction show where creative writing is more important than actual facts. We don't need LOST to be revived in reruns; just read modern Climatological journals.

I guess one has to be a passenger on Oceanic flight 815 to find these missing stations.

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