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Monday, November 14, 2011

Who is in Bed with Big Business?

Timothy Birdnow

This courtesy of SEPP:

"Corporate Funding of Environmental Research: This week the Pew Center for Climate Change announced that it will be obtaining much of its funding from corporate sources, including Shell Oil, Hewlett-Packard, Entergy Corp (an electricity company), Duke Energy, GE, and Bank of America. Previously Pew obtained about 80% of its funding from PEW Charitable Trusts. The new organization will be called the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)! Many of the corporations funding C2ES were fellow members of the US Climate Action Partnership that lobbied for cap and trade for several years until the cap and trade bill lost in the Senate last year.

The announcement stated that C2ES seeks market-based solutions to global warming. This is misleading, because the goal is to have the Federal government interfere in the markets as C2ES desires. Subsidies, mandates, cap and trade, etc. distort the market for the benefit of a few and the expense of the many. These are no more market-based than mercantilism, where the king granted special privileges for a few chosen ones."

End excerpt.

This matter of funding is interesting; one of the early attacks used by the Gang Green against "deniars" was that they were funded by "Big Oil", and even now the green fools continue this stupidity. For example, read the message thread here.

I've had the same argument on other threads with these same idiots, primarily this Hammerhead fellow. He is quick to point out the speck in his brother's eye while ignoring the beam in his own. The fact is, Climate Change is big business, with billions of dollars on the line. George Soros funds it heavily, as do all manner of foundations, as do numerous private corporations like GE, as do governments the world over. The old saying about not throwing stones if you live in a glass house never seems to sink in with these people.

But they aren't trying to win a logical debate, but rather win by forfeiture; Harry Hammer and associates are trolls, devoting their days to shouting down opponents from their mother's basements while their opponents actually have jobs and lives. They don't intend to win by logical argument, but by repeating the catch phrases told to them by the Center for American Progress and other lefty outlets. Their target is the uninformed. They figure they can trick those not paying attention with their dark conspiratorial pronouncements about the Koch brothers, while ignoring their patrons like Soros.

Frankly, I'm tired of waging the same argument with them, because they refuse to open their eyes. Look at Harry Hammer's refusal to admit that the planet isn't warming; he argues that it is "almost statistically significant" as if a fraction of a degree means anything - when it falls within the margin for error. Nobody in their right minds would try to make the case for the transfer of billions of dollars based on a statistically insignificant possibility. Would HE be willing to turn over HIS money to his bookie if, say, the Rams and the Cardinals had a tie game, because the Rams seemed to play better? No. Yet that is precisely what these fools are demanding of the entire world. And they completely ignore the fact that all twenty computer models say a pause in Global Warming is impossible without a pause in carbon dioxide rise.

But it's not, and never has been, about the science.

A fifteen year hiatus in warming is about as significant as it can get, given we are really only discussing about the last sixty years and that is fully a quarter of the time involved. I have little doubt that Hammerhead knows that, too, but he is a liar.

And the Gang Green has so much invested in this little scheme that they are loathe to give it up - despite the obvious failure it has proven to be. They are now defending the indefensible because otherwise they have to start from scratch, and they have been working this thing for thirty years. They had expected victory by now, but they had the misfortune of having nature take a turn against them.

But it needn't have happened that way, and it could still turn against US. A warming trend and we will find ourselves stranded on those ice-flows much like those polar bears they are always photographing. The groundwork is there, and it would be easy to trick the public should the planet begin a solid warming trend. This thing isn't over yet.

In the musical theatre show "The Music Man" con man Harold Hill has to find some emergency to buffalo the townsfolk of River City, and so he whips the town into a furor over the moral dangers of a pool hall, and then presents the perfect solution; a River City boys band. Of course, he can provide the uniforms and training to build this grand army of virtue. Note the technique; create a crisis, frighten people into not thinking clearly, and then walk them into your trap. It is as old a tactic as traveling salesmen, certainly, and classic technique for those who manipulate the public. Remember John F. Kennedy's "Missile Gap"? We were well ahead of the Soviets, but Kennedy was able to foment a panic about our falling behind, and he actually was elected based on his "tough" approach. Jimmy Carter whipped up a panic about a 4% inflation rate, and subsequently was elected (only to give us an inflation rate over 10%). The trick is to panic people about a "crisis" and then offer YOUR solution.

Global Warming is the perfect solution for socialists and globalists. It empowers governments over businesses. It empowers international institutions and suggests we must create world government. We all share the atmosphere, after all. The ambitions of every internationalist and radical leftist is embodied in the spirit of Environmentalism. Green is the new red. But people just weren't that alarmed by environmental problems; most could see that things have actually improved. Capitalists could proudly point to voluntary efforts to clean things up, and point to places (like the old Eastern Block or modern China) that were horribly dirty under socialism. Something new had to be found.

And so a cabal of left-wing scientists lead by people like Margaret Mead, James Lovelock, Obama Science Czar John HOldren, and others devised this nifty scheme, threatening immanent disaster if we do not surrender our sovereignty and wealth to the statists and internationalists. Cute trick, but it had to happen within a certain window. That window seems to have closed on them.

But it could reopen if the timing is right, and the Gang Green is ever vigilant. We have to stay on them.

Money keeps rolling into their coffers, too. Why? Well, for starters, it is a matter of the old Protection Racket; businesses pay to be left alone. When organized crime does it the F.B.I. is called in, when environmental groups do it nobody cares. Secondly, really big business likes this sort of thing; it ruins the upstart competition. Just look at the profits being reaped by General Electric, or Goldman Sacks for instance under Obama. Obama is no friend of business, but sucking up to him and the Democrats gets laws passed that benefit the corporations. Crony capitalism is essentially what we saw under National Socialism, and there were many industrialists who supported Hitler. Why was that? Lastly, there is just plain old guilt. Many of the super rich have been educated at Ivy League schools and have fallen for this morality tale spun by the leftist professors there. The rich know that their lives are ultimately empty, revolving around money, power, and cocktail parties, and so they seek to make a real difference in this world. Too often they have never worked with their own hands, or had any financial burdens, and so they do not understand the wants and needs of those who do. They adopt socialistic causes, because their professors told them socialism was more fair and just - and compassionate. Look at George Soros as a prime example. Or Zuckerberg.

Yet when those who see a naked emperor when they cast their gaze are the ones accused of being liars and schills for big business. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic - and effective. I myself have been accused of being a paid stooge for Big Oil. Really? Somebody PLEASE tell me where I can pick up my check! I need money fairly desperately...

But I couldn't do that; I could never stand self-delusion. I am a believer in an absolute nature of reality, and have always hated the liberal notion that reality is malleable and subjective. It is, quite frankly, an affront to God, because it ultimately denies His authority. It is, in my humble opinion, a violation of the First Commandment, the sin of idolatry. That Commandment wasn't first in line for nothing.

At any rate, I welcome the argument, although I tire of having to repeat it ad nauseum. Those who claim the "deniars" are the ones with all the money are monstrous liars.

But then, they take after their father, who was a liar from the beginning.

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