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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Military allows Muslim headgear

Timothy Birdnow

The military caves on wearing Muslim headgear.

How far will we bend the rules to satisfy certain people? Will the Amish be allowed to wear long beards and ride into battle via horse and buggy? Will we next let nature worshippers parade naked with green paint splashed on their bodies? It used to be understood that there were requirements for joining an organization (and the military is entirely voluntary) and that if you didn't or couldn't meet those requirements you didn't join. Military service is not a right, it does not appear in the Constitution as either an enumerated right nor as a required duty. It is a privilege to serve one's country, and if you wish that privilege you must follow certain standards. You have to get a shave and a buzz haircut. You have to wear their clothes and not those you find more fashionable. You have to be in shape - or get in shape. You have to obey orders.

My late uncle was not allowed to join the military. He was blind in one eye, and when he went to the recruitment station he had suffered an unusual problem where the side of his head had swollen, making him resemble a football. It was purely a temporary problem, but the classification 4F came down and he was not allowed to serve. He wanted to, but was told no. By modern reasoning, physical ailments should be no bar to service.

Nor should behavioral; Obama ended "don't ask, don't tell" which itself was a radical departure from the old code of dismissal for homosexual behavior. Now a soldier can be openly gay, can make advances on fellow soldiers (within reason), can do as he or she pleases. It used to be that sex was understood as something to be kept within certain boundaries because it is a powerful human drive and allowing it to run amok leads to problems with discipline and unit cohesion. But, just as the schools dismiss the "archaic" notions of discipline and behavior, so too does the modern army, which seems to think machines are the key to the future. They are - to a point. But in the end it's the men behind the machines that make the military strong, and we are systematically undermining the foundation of our proudest institution.

Now Muslim JROTC kids are going to be allowed to wear their ethnic/religious headgear at official functions. This is a demand for submission from America, to give the Muslim special rights.

Political correctness is killing us.

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