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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Freedom Requires a Moral People

Timothy Birdnow

Richard Viguerie calls it like it is.

From the article:

"Washington’s inside Republican elite are so anxious to get back to dividing-up the spoils on Capitol Hill, and so contemptuous of the will of the people, that they have now declared the race for the Republican nomination for President over -- and Mitt Romney nominated -- even before the first delegate has even been allocated.

POLITICO may have had some of the best proof of this phenomenon in quoting a veteran House Republican, -- who is ostensibly neutral in the presidential race -- who said: “I sort of think it’s over, right?”

This unnamed Capitol Hill Republican went on to observe about the candidate who lost 75 percent of the vote in Iowa: “South Carolina and Florida are the nails in the coffin, which is why the right is so mad -- they see it coming but the dominoes are falling just right for Mitt as they did for [John] McCain… The party establishment does not want this intra-warfare much longer so we can focus on just Obama rather than the oddballs on the stage that can’t even remember the DOE or EPA.”

The “oddball” to whom the anonymous Congressman is referring to is of course, Texas Governor Rick Perry, the Governor of the second largest state in the Union."

End excerpt.

And that is entirely right; the GOP is the junior partner in crime in Washington, but partners nonetheless. They don't really want anything to change. They enjoy swaggering into parties, enjoy their power and authority, eat it all up. Many people were shocked that, despite considerable bluster, John Boehner seems to have walked into one trap after another. He didn't stumble in; he walked into those traps willingly, because they provided him with a way out of his dilemma. Boehner doesn't want to do what the Tea Party wants him to do, and really just wants things back to "normal". He willingly walked into those traps, because it's better to be thought careless or foolish then to be known as an enemy to the base. He is not alone in this.

This generation (of politicians) must pass away before America can enter the promised land of fiscal responsibility, methinks. They are corrupt to the core.

Unfortunately, much of the American electorate is likewise. Too many Americans do not want to fix the problem but to keep the gravy train rolling.

We do not have a spending problem in America, or at least our problem isn't the spending, exactly. Nor do we have a revenue problem. What we have is a moral and spirutual problem, an overdraft of our moral bank account. We have become a nation of people who want to live off the backs of our fellows, who want to push the problems we are creating off on our children, and their children, and their children's children. We have become a nation that refuses to delay any gratification, that demands an easy and fun-filled life, that doesn't want to save for tomorrow. America no longer looks to the future, no longer thinks about how to make the next generation secure. Materialism, neo-atheism, humanism, have all led the American People to adopt an "eat, drink, and be merry" approach, because too few believe that the rewards will come in the hereafter for what we do in life, and the best that too many Americans can believe in is to grab what pleasures and profits we can in this world. Isn't that the core of Occupy Wall Street? "We want what we want, and demand you give it to us". Isn't that what the teacher's unions were demanding in Wisconsin? They want to live better than everyone else, and by jumpin' Jehosephat the taxpayers will pay - even if it ruins the state. Everyone wants their SSI, AFDC, WIC, food stamps. We pass a trillion dollar stimulus to give money away like candy. We pass a health care reform which gives medical care to everyone -including those who do not need it - despite the fact that it will bankrupt the country. We demand not just school lunches but dinners and breakfasts as well - on the taxpayer dime.

A moral people would not accept this. But they demand it. And politicians give it, because it gets them elected.

Boxer James J. Braddock had to go on the dole during the Depression, but it ate away at him. As soon as he had the money he gave it back to the authorities, because he didn't think he deserved to take from his fellow citizens. He wasn't all that unusual back then. Now we would call him a saint! Most Americans would think a guy like Braddock is a total fool.

And government has usurped the role of private individuals. Consider charity; it used to be handled by Churches and local organizations. But "separation of Church and State" has led governments to squeeze the church charities out of the game, and a plethora of leftist political correctness has done likewise to many local organizations. Now the taxpayer has to foot the bill for what philanthropes used to give freely.

This thing feeds itself, too; teaching, for instance, has become infested with the professional parasitic class, and these parasites are busily recruiting the next generation, teaching liberal doctrine and sloth as if it were a virtue. Much has been written about the "success" of welfare in destroying the black family, and it's bitter harvest is not limited to black people. A family raised on welfare, with grandma, mother, and children all subsisting on the dole, sees no other option. Where a woman may have one or two children she now has ten, because someone else is paying and she gets extra for every extra mouth. Ten children, each a product of the welfare state, each having ten children of their own, whose existence is entirely predicated on government largess. How do you compete with that?

That is why I believe the political solutions will ultimately fail. We cannot solve our problems with new blood in Congress. Oh, they can help, but the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves. America must have a religious and spiritual awakening. Without it we will continue the long, excruciating slide into perdition.

Freedom requires a moral people. We have not been that for some time.

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