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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Romney Defends Brian Williams

Timothy Birdnow

Yet more proof that Mitt Romney is horribly clueless.

First, the stupidity of the GOP in general to give liberal mainstream media marionettes control over the debates goes beyond astonishing. Why does our side put the enemy in charge? Just because a guy is a network anchor doesn't mean he has any credibility. It's time we stop affording the Left's attack dogs respect. Perhaps we have to accept this in the general election debates, but why the primaries?

It's like making Richard Dawkins the moderator of an ecumenical church council debate.

Second, if Romney thinks that the media should be allowed to run roughshod over us because they claim to be the unbiased investigators, then he is either a titanic fool or worse. Does Romney really believe the media is NOT biased? Does he not understand that they are diametrically opposed to our interests? Can't he fathom that they will turn on him as soon as he is the nominee? If he doesn't understand this simple fact then he is not the man to lead us. Worse if he does understand it and is using this to his advantage.

How much hand-ringing did Conservatives do over the "attack on Capitalism" by Newt's PAC; will their be comparable wailing and gnashing of teeth over this? I think this is worse, because it suggests that we should listen to the mainstream media and accept their views as honest. The media is owned by Obama, lock, stock, and barrel. They are liars and the father of lies. That is a fundamental axiom of Conservatism, because the media has mischaracterized our views and assassinated our character since the inception of electronic media, and even back into the days of print. You cannot be conservative if you accept the wisdom and honesty of the mainstream media.

This speaks volumes about what Romney believes and what he is willing to do. There is no way a man who defends an attack from the media on a fellow - even if that fellow has been horrible to him - can claim to be a conservative, and there is no way he is going to win the Presidency. Romney has just lost the race, in my opinion.

But then, he, like John McCain before him, is the media choice for GOP candidate.

Let's look at the track record of GOP Establishment candidates.

In 2008 we had John McCain, a darling of the media. He was always invited on Sunday talk shows because he was always good for bashing conservatives. Obama beat him handily.

George W. Bush was an Establishment candidate, but he had a nip-and-tuck with McCain. We may all remember he stalemated with the embarassingly dorkie and idiotic Al Gore in 2000, winning by just a few votes. After becoming President Bush whittled away the GOP margins, losing first the House then the Senate, and finally handing over complete control to the Democrats in 2008.

Bob Dole, the viagra spokesman, so lacked virility that he was soundly beaten by Bill Clinton, a man who was facing impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice. Clinton had no problems similar to Dole's, I might add.

George Herbert Walker Bush, the consummate insider, lost to Clinton because of a very minor recession, one that the media promoted with enormous fanfare prior to the elections. I remember the "signs that a recession may be coming" stories in the media up to a year before the election, and, of course, they managed to destroy consumer confidence to the point that we had a teeny, tiny recession (which the Clinton/Gore camp refered to as the worst economy since the Great Depression) and the bland Mr.Bush lost - despite having been a hugely popular war President, with sky-high numbers only a year before.

In 1980 the Establishment wanted George H.W. Bush, or Bob Dole, to be the nominee. Fortunately Ronald Reagan won, and he ended up annihilating the Democrats - twice!

In 1976 the Establishment promoted default President Gerald R. Ford over Ronald Reagan. Ford was beaten by the pathetic smiley face Jimmy Carter, a man who had to fend off a "killer rabbit" and who gave interviews to Playboy magazine admitting he "lusted in his heart". Carter was a national embarassment, and the Establishment candidate couldn't even beat him.

So now we are to believe the Establishment knows best, that we can only win with the guy who provided the model for Obamacare, with the fellow who was pro-abortion before he was against it, who wants amnesty for illegal aliens and then doesn't, for a Ken doll lookalike without Ken's personality. And this guy is defending the media! Why not nominate Tom Daschle and be done with it? (I hear he isn't too busy these days.) He'd get better press.

In a saner world Romney would be finished with this. Too many conservatives have put their eggs in the Romney basket, and prefer them there to on their faces. (See Ann Coulter's latest act of electorial malpractice here

Speaking of eggs, Romney has laid a beauty.

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