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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Do Wind and Solar Work?

Dana Mathewson

It seems that those good folks who are touting wind and solar energy as technology which is going to save us from ourselves are not terribly forthcoming on just how well that technology works at this point in time. Hard data is not forthcoming.

"Everyone knows that wind and solar energy are inefficient sources of energy compared to fossil fuels. But, as the Science and Environmental Policy Project points out in the current The Week That Was, the extent to which “green” energy actually works is surprisingly opaque:"

FTA: "According to reports, no coal plants have been de-commissioned in northern Europe rendering the claim of lower carbon dioxide emissions questionable." END QUOTE

You mean the Europeans, who are so superior to us when it comes to these things, can't get them to work all the time? Sacre bleu! I suppose none of this matters to the Obamatrons, but, as an early U.S. president remarked, facts are stubborn things.

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