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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Drip of Sharia in Dearborn

Timothy Birdnow

Dearborn Michigan is a hotbed of Sharia, and a while back the city arrested a pastor for handing out Christian Bible tracts at a Muslim festival held on public streets. A court has found in favor of the pastor, and ordered over a hundred thousand in restitution from the city.

According to the article:

"The judge said in the order, “In this case, the plaintiff received the full relief he sought – an invalidation of the leafleting restriction and a permanent injunction barring its enforcement. … Because this result ‘cannot fairly be labeled as anything short of excellent, [plaintiff] is entitled to a fully compensatory fee.’”

End quote.

As to be expected, the city was furious:

"The city had argued that it was ridiculous to think that because it lost the case, it should pay for Saieg’s legal fees.

“Requiring defendants to absorb plaintiff’s attorney’s fees for the district court proceedings in this case would produce the absurd result of punishing defendants for their success in this court and for acting in accordance with precedent endorsed by two federal judges. Moreover, it would send a message that established precedent and this court’s rulings cannot be relied upon given that a plaintiff potentially could persuade the 6th Circuit to establish new precedent,” the city argued.

The judge suggested that the pastor did, in fact, prevail on his free speech claim.

“Defendants may have believed that they were ‘acting in accordance with precedent endorsed by two federal judges,’ but the 6th Circuit ultimately held that they were not acting in accordance with the Constitution,” he said."

End quote.

But that is the whole point; the city doesn't care so much about winning a conviction as chilling free speech by making the arrest. The old saw "you can't fight city hall" is appropo, because the plan is to punish people for exercising their free speech rights by forcing them to defend against a government that has plenty of taxpayer cash to pursue such attacks. Even if the defendent wins he loses, and so his (and other people's) behavior will be modified to the city's liking. In short, without the city having to pay here the city wins. They know that.

They will keep arresting people until they get what they want.

The judge in this case had no other choice, and indeed magistrate Judge R. Steven Whalenis to be commended for his actions.

But this type of thing will happen more frequently, and less grounded judges will hear the cases. Eventually the Muslims will begin building case precedents that favor their "right" to Sharia and codify that into the civil law code. Islam works like water, finding it's way into cracks in in the concrete then expanding and contracting until the small crack leads to a shattered piece of pavement. They do this in every nation, every society in which they gain a toehold. They demand, they threaten, they cajole, and their neighbors eventually give in, much like a weak parent eventually gives in to his or her screaming toddler in the middle of a tantrum. Give in once, and it becomes easier to give in again, and this becomes a way of life. Eventually you have full-blown Sharia; the non-Muslims become second class citizens in their own countries. It's a tactic that has served Islam well over the centuries - and it serves extraordinarily well in the modern West, which has lost it's sense of self. The West no longer believes in the value of Western Civilization, and concepts of pluralism, multiculturalism and political correctness have made it impossible to censure bad behavior because it is somehow considered "intolerant". Islam is killing us with our own tolerance. They know it, too.

This strikes back at the civil jihad, but for how long?

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