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Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Fluking of Rush Limbaugh

Timothy Birdnow

Limbaugh has caved on the Fluke affair.

Perhaps it's time to coin a phrase; the Left Fluke'd Rush. This was the same trick they employed against Glenn Beck, browbeating sponsors into withdrawing advertising. Beck was forced from Fox News by this same tactic, and now they've used it against Rush.

While I wish Limbaugh would have stood firm I understand what he is doing - he is falling on his sword, or as Santorum put it "taking one for the team". Limbaugh knows that this is going to be a major distraction from the Presidential race, something that Obama dearly wants. He had to cut this thing off.

And while it won't be the end for Rush, it is a blow that should not have been taken.

Rush sponsor Carbonite, for example, is still not going to come back.

Well, it's their loss. Carbonite will be just one more backup service out there without the king of talk radio. It will be pleasant to watch them fade away.

One of the interesting things about this is the timing; Beck has only been gone from Fox for a couple of months, and we just lost Breitbart, and now Rush is in trouble. Strange, isn't it? I particularly mean about Breitbart.

And where was the outrage over the appalling things being said about Andrew Breitbart? For example:

Rolling Stone entitled an article Andrew Breitbart; Death of a Douche.

Ben Cohen, who is a contributing writer to ESPN and Boxing Monthly, had this to say at his own website.

"In terms of sheer sleaze, dishonesty, and ruthlessness, you’d be hard pushed to find someone like Andrew Breitbart. The Right Wing hit man made it his life’s work to destroy liberalism in all its forms, his favorite targets being minorities and the poor."


"Breitbart lived to ruin other people’s lives, and would do so by any means necessary. He would lie, cheat and distort, knowing full well that once the damage was done, the means didn’t really matter."
End excerpt.

Where are the calls to boycott Cohen? Where are the demands on ESPN or Boxing Monthly?

The stories are legion, and I cannot chronicle all the viciousness here. The point is, Mr. Obama has remained mute. So have all of the journalists, and morally self-righteous who now condemn Limbaugh so vociferously.

And, as Rush pointed out, Sarah Palin has been called far worse by numerous Democrats with little to no outrage. Remember Bill Mahrer calling her a word that starts with a c and means vagina? Maher gloated over getting away with it, too.

Look; Fluke was not some bright-eyed and bushy tailed (well, maybe the tail part) 18 year old straight out of high school. She is a 30 year old political activist, recruited by the Democrats for this very purpose. She chose to insert herself into the national discussion, and in a manner that she had to know was going to be embarassing for her parents and open her up to ridicule; who spends $3000 on contraceptives while in law school? At any other time in history she would have been laughed at or derided, and Limbaugh would not have had to say what he did because the general public would have already done so. The premise of Fluke's demand (that others pay so she may fornicate at will) is befitting Roman Emperor Claudius' wife Valeria Messalina, who avoided being brought up on morals charges by wearing a ribbon in public and nothing else.

If you take a demand for public funding of contraceptives seriously, you accept the premise that the State must subsidize sex. But what of those who cannot find acceptable sex partners? Isn't that discriminatory? Why shouldn't a four hundred pound woman be given her fair share? Will the State expand into mechanical aids? Will there be free brothels where the ugly, the obese, and others who find it difficult to attract willing partners can go for release?

The fact is, if you subsidize an activity you will have more of that activity. Out of wedlock sex has been destructive for our nation, for our youths, for our society in general. Sandra Fluke's demands are guaranteed to produce more children (oops; forgot that pill) and more venereal disease (now how did that tear get in that?) And there is something beyond the purely physical; more than condoms tear in sexual trysts outside of marriage. There are emotional scars that form, and those scars are real, and enduring. How many suicides from depression, from anxiety, from heartbreak has the sexual revolution wrought? The immediate demands of the body may be difficult on a young person, but they do not lead to suicide. Extramarital sex can and does on a regular basis. But we don't talk about that.

Sandra Fluke is demanding that we kill people.

A commenter at Townhall had a wonderful idea:

"I really have great sympathy for Ms. Fluke and so in order to help her out I want to urge everyone to place at least one (unused) condom in an envelope and send to her at:

Sandra Fluke
C/O Georgetown University Law Center
600 New Jersey Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20001

Maybe, if enough of us respond, she can make it through the next few months at least."

End comment.

Fans of the television show Jerico got their show renewed by sending tens of thousands of peanuts to ABC; perhaps it will work here? At least Sandy may make it through next semester.

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