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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Fight Gas Pains

Jack Kemp

Writing in the NY Post, Phelim McAleer states:

Fracking is probably one of the most misunderstood words in the English language.

Thanks to the Oscar nominated documentary “Gasland,” many people believe fracking — a process of getting natural gas out of rock — pollutes water and creates wastelands wherever it is used.

But like so many documentaries nowadays, Gasland is high on anecdote and emotion but low on science and fact.

One of the most dramatic images in “Gasland” is footage of a resident lighting his tap water with flames shooting out of the faucet.
As a journalist, I wanted to learn more, so I went to a Q&A with Gasland director Josh Fox. As I questioned him, Fox eventually admitted that he knew people could light their tap water in these areas decades before fracking came on the scene.

McAleer has decided to do something about it, namely make his own movie.


I decided to make my own documentary, called “FrackNation,” dedicated to telling the kind of stories Josh Fox seems to want to suppress. But unlike Josh Fox and “Gasland,” I couldn’t rely on corporate financing from HBO — or wealthy Hollywood actors.

So we decided to use KickStarter, a crowd-funding Web site. We put our FrackNation pitch up just three weeks ago, and already we have raised more than $140,000 in small donations from ordinary members of the public.

We’ve interviewed farmers in New York and Pennsylvania who are angry. One elderly farmer cried as he told me how it upset him that urban elites, such as Josh Fox and the actors Marc Ruffallo and Robert Redford, said they didn’t care about their own land.

One lady said Hollywood millionaires need to know that the farmers in these areas aren’t their slaves, to be told what to do and how they should work.

As a full disclosure, I have invested a fairly small amount in this film, "Frack Nation," at their website You too could do this and share in the profits and be consider an "Executive Producer." We're talking investing $20 and up - but you don't have to reveal that detail to your friends as you talk about being an "Executive Producer" at your next gathering or while attending a neighborhood garage sale. If they ask how much you've put into the movie, just reply that your accountant has cautioned you against discussing exact amounts.

Phelim McAleer's wife and partner in this film is Ann McElhinney whose speech at the Defending the American Dream Conference on why Oil is a Feminist Issue was written here in June. See They also previously had made the documentary film "Not Evil, Just Wrong" which debunked Al Gore's environmental assumptions.

So how much money did I invest in Frack Nation? I'm sorry, but my accountant has cautioned me against discussing exact amounts.

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