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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Breitbart's Death; an Offer He Don't Refuse?

Timothy Birdnow

Mike Krieger at Zero Hedge Fund asks questions similar to those of Michael Savage:

"I want to conclude this piece by stating I am quite curious what sorts of natural causes made a 43 year old collapse. As my friend commented…”He's in decent shape and goes naturally yet Soros and Rockefeller look the like living dead yet they are walking and live to be 185yrs old.”

Oh and by the way. He claimed to have videos that would expose banker puppet Obama. Don’t believe me? Take a watch. He made this statement 20 days ago. Then drops dead. At least they didn’t use a hot tub this time.

RIP Andrew. I didn’t always agree with you, but you were a fighter.

Rest up this weekend everyone. I think things are about to get crazy."

(Hat tip to Ron De Haan for the link.)

While I am always suspicious of fortuitous coincidences - especially where the Chicago people are concerned. (Remember The Godfather Part II where Michael Corleone is talking to his Bruglione in New York, Frank Pentangeli, and hit man Willie Cicci and expresses sorrow for Peter Clemenza's heart attack; "that was no heart attack" warns Cicci.) Breitbart did go to dinner at the home of Ayers and Doehrn a few weeks prior, one must add. And, of course, the government has some hair-curling weaponry that could make a man's heart seize and not show on a regular autopsy. These people run our government, after all. (Anyone remember Vince Foster or James MacDougal?) Still, Breitbart was a high strung man who lived an insanely crazy lifestyle. On her radio show Dana Loesche (editor of Big Journalism) has been telling anecdotes about Breitbart, who appears to have been a man quite overwound. He spent his days guzzling iced coffee and talking nonstop. He was prime heart attack material.

And, of course, I myself have heart problems, and only discovered them when I went to the hospital for what I thought was perhaps a touch of asthma. I could have died at any time, and had to wear a defribrilator for four months in case my heart just stopped. I'm only four years older than Breitbart. It happens.

So we should be careful about this, lest we appear like the 911 Truther crazies. But we should push for an investigation, and demand a satisfactory answer. What killed Andrew Breitbart? Probably his heart. But with the Chicago Way in the picture one can't just accept appearances. We should assume natural causes until we have reason to suspect otherwise, but we should try to get an independent autopsy.

Let's hope they didn't make him an offer he don't refuse!

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