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Monday, March 12, 2012

Pelosi's Daughter Mocks Poor Whites in the South

Jack Kemp

In advance of the Mississippi and Alabama primaries, Bill Maher has sent Nancy Pelosi's daughter Alexandra to make fun of poor people in the South.

The Daily Caller reports - and shows a video - stating:

As Alabama and Mississippi prepared for their Tuesday primaries, the water was warm for “aren’t Southerners stupid” jokes on HBO’s “Real Time” Friday night. But host Bill Maher went a step further, deploying House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s daughter to Mississippi to find out just how dumb voters are down in the South.

The film Pelosi's daughter featured run down homes in the South in a highly prejudicial and insulting segment. But where to begin?

Bill Maher is from New Jersey. I don't want to regale you with "Jersey" jokes that I've heard here in New York. I have friends in New Jersey. But does the name "Snooki" ring a bell? And Alexandra Pelosi's grandfather was mayor of Baltimore and U.S. Congressman from Maryland, which is considered a Southern state because it is south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

It's one thing for a jerk like Bill Maher to make these remarks, but the daughter of the recent and former Speaker of the House is a direct link to the Democratic Party leadership. This is stupid and arrogant and a virtual invitation to write off the entire South in 2012. You may recall a saying about "who the gods would first destroy, they first make mad." To that I'll add that although I'm from New York, I know when someone is too dumb to grow kudzu when I see them - and Alexandra Pelosi fits that bill. And although she may believe that "The Crimson Tide" has something to do with coastal pollution, she and her mother Nancy are going to find out what it means next November when they count votes in the South. Y'all better believe it.

And if anyone from a poor white neighborhood near Boston or Minneapolis or Salt Lake City thinks these remarks by Nancy Pelosi's daughter weren't also directed at you, you've spent too much time ice fishing and your brain has frozen. These remarks were directed at all poor and middle class white voters from Ocala, Florida to Wasilla, Alaska - and all points in between. And them is fightin' words.

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