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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Re-Sovietizing Russia

Timothy Birdnow

Vladimir Putin is systematically transforming Russia into a KGB gulag, according to Ion Miai Pacepa in an outstanding article at American Thinker.

From the article:

"The "democratic" rise to power of the former KGB officer Putin began in 1999 with a KGB coup. On December 31, the first freely elected Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, stunned the world by announcing his resignation. "I understand that I must do it and Russia must enter the new millennium with new politicians, with new faces, with new intelligent, strong, energetic people,"[2] Yeltsin solemnly stated. He then signed a decree transferring his power to the former head of Russia's political police, Vladimir Putin. For his part, the newly appointed president signed a decree pardoning Yeltsin -- who was allegedly connected to massive bribery scandals -- "for any possible misdeeds" and granting him "total immunity" from being prosecuted (or even searched and questioned) for "any and all" actions committed while in office. Quid pro quo."


"The Cold War is indeed over, but, unlike other wars, it did not end with a formal act of surrender and with the defeated enemy throwing down his weapons. We are now learning the hard way that the loser's mindset cannot be changed from one day to the next. Today we may no longer be dealing with the threat of a mortally dangerous Russia, but Putin's new reign could change all that at the drop of a hat. Slowly but surely, he is transforming Russia into the first intelligence dictatorship in history. It is dangerous for us to keep on simply pushing the reset button instate of redefining our foreign policy.

Since 1792, elections have been the American way of correcting the past and improving the future. Let us hope that in November 2012 the voters will decide to restore America's leadership of the Free World. Now more than ever, the world's peace and freedom depend on the power of United States and the unity of our public opinion, as was the case in the past. Make no mistake -- if America's national unity goes, so will our prosperity, our security, and the peace of the world."

This is a great birds-eye view of what is happening inside Russia, of the re-Sovietizing of the Bear. Be sure to check it out.

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