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Friday, March 30, 2012

Ryan Budget Raises Debt

Timothy Birdnow

Paul Ryan's proposed budget not only fails to reduce the deficit, but actually raises it.

From the article from Conservative HQ:

"Ryan’s budget doesn’t reduce the national debt. Indeed, his figures show the national debt held by the public growing to $15 trillion in 2022, up from about $11 trillion this year.

Moreover, the Ryan budget actually breaks the deal to raise the debt ceiling the establishment Republican House leadership forced through Congress over conservative objections last summer.

If Republicans can’t maintain a deal on spending for even one year what credibility do they have left as fiscal hawks?

Together, these problems with the Ryan budget largely destroy the credibility of the House Republican leadership on budget matters – particularly given that Ryan’s plan requires that Congress stay the course through many election cycles to hit its spending targets"

End excerpt.

Will the creature-that-ate-all-our-money ever stop devouring? It sucks in the best of our elected representatives, like the Blob, consumes them and turns them into more of itself.

I fear the only way to rid ourselves of this illness is to radically restructure things so our representatives have to stay at home and face their own voters rather than go to Washington. It is a cesspool.

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