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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Meme War We Must Win

Jack Kemp

Eric Ericson has a great article today in Red State. I suggest you read the entire thing and not just the highlights I include below the link.

The Meme War We Must Win

if you think Ann Romney and Seamus the Dog aren't important you don't belong in electoral politics


Both the stories on Ann Romney and Seamus the dog are designed to build a meme portraying Romney as a plutocrat, some sort of latter day (nyuk nyuk) J. P. Morgan. For instance, the recent Paul Begala article in The Daily Beast refers to Romney as Thurston Howell III:


Fast forward to 1992. Two images stand out from that campaign. George H. W. Bush impatiently looking at his watch during a debate (he wasn’t the only one doing that, trust me) and George H. W. Bush seemingly amazed by a supermarket scanner. Did either of those accurately reflect Bush’s presidency which encompassed a successful end to the Cold War and successful war with Iraq? No. But they buttressed a meme developed by James Carville and Paul Begala as, wait for it, an out of touch rich guy who believed he was owed the presidency as a birthright. In that same campaign, the ridicule of Vice President Dan Quayle became an art form.

In addition to the attacks on Romney’s wealth the left and the media, to the extent they aren’t the same, is gently rolling out the Mormons are strange attack. In this case, from Buzzfeed’s staff “Mormon expert” McKay Coppins an article called “Why Ann Stayed Home” you can see how cleverly the “Mormons are Strange” and the “War on Women” are linked.


Contrary to what a lot of folks on our side are saying these attacks are far more important to defend against than obsessing over Romney’s position on Afghanistan or the capital gains tax because this election is not going to be fought over issues and ideas. Were ideas and issues really important, Obama would be sitting alone in a by-the-hour motel room with a bottle of cheap bourbon and straight razor. He doesn’t have issues and he doesn’t have accomplishments so all that is left to him is to tear down Romney.

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