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Monday, April 02, 2012

Talk Show host attacks GOP Lt. Gov. and her children - Democrats silent

Jack Kemp

John Nolte at reports that:

"This is what we see time and again at the hands of the same Left that manufactured a month's long non-troversy over a word Rush Limbaugh spoke. While, on one hand, the left and their media allies feign outrage over Limbaugh, on the other hand, they either willfully ignore or launch vile, sexist attacks against conservative women that go well beyond anything that can in any way be called satire or humor.

Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is a wife, mother, and a cancer survivor. She's currently being targeted for recall and by some of the ugliest personal attacks you'll hear -- at least until the left launches the next one.

Listen here to John "Sly" Sylvester, a left-wing radio host who operates out of Madison, WI, at radio station WTDY. Sylvester accuses Kleefisch of performing sexual acts on numerous men, mocks her cancer, and attacks her children."

So are the local Wisconsin Democrats distancing themselves from this? In a way. They are not criticizing the radio talk show host and thus making him the "voice of the Democratic Party" in Wisconsin, a swing state in Obama's campaign for reelection.

Nolte continues:

"A good faith search of Wisconsin's largest news outlet, the Journal Sentinel, reveals no mention of Sylvester's attacks. Laughably, the Journal Sentinel does mention Governor Sarah Palin's recent Facebook post in support of Kleefisch and does accuse Kleefisch of engaging in 'attacks' and 'gender politics,' but even in the face of the recent controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh, nothing about a left-wing radio host's sexist taunts or attacks on her children.

Regardless, even if I missed a mention in the Journal Sentinel, we all know this story would be a national one if Kleefisch 'knew her place' and was Democrat, and it would most certainly be a hotter than hot local scandal being driven by the same Journal Sentinel."

Apparently if one is not planning to vote for Obama in 2012, it is now acceptable among Democrats to assume you are an evil racist who owns a slave plantation in a secret location in the Caribbean. This is what a moral relative, multicultural leadership breeds in the Democratic Party: what used to be called a "free crazy" in pop psychology, i.e., a license to act out a grievance with no social or moral restraints because somehow the liberal, no matter what he or she (think: Randi Rhodes) says or does, is "morally superior" to those "bitter people who cling to their guns and religion."

And since Keith Olbermann is no longer on the air, any ranter of leftist vulgarities can be assured of never becoming "The Worst Person in the World."

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