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Friday, June 01, 2012

Strange Accidents and the Russians

Timothy Birdnow

In response to my theorizing about Obama covering for the Russians over the Katyn Massacre, Jack Kemp has this to say about the Russians and the unhealthy influence they seem to have over the Poles.

"Years ago, the British movie "Enigma," about their code breakers, had a Polish villain who was trying to get even with the Russians for the Katyn massacre. Britain, in fact, during WWII had their own dubious aircraft crash when Polish Pres. in Exile Sikorsky had his plane crash on takeoff from Gibraltar, killing him. He was a harsh public critic of the Russians for obvious reasons. There was a Russian plane parked near Sikorsy's plane in Gibraltar.

Whereas the officer class of the Polish Army killed at Katyn was mostly aristocratic, Catholic believing Poles, there were a few Jewish doctors who were among them. Stalin wanted to eliminate all non-proletariat influences.

In 1920, Stalin was the political officer who accompanied the Red Army when it invaded Poland and was soundly defeated in "The Miracle of the Vistula." Stalin was humiliated and nearly lost his growing power."

End quote.

There is this to consider when discussing the suspicious deaths of the Polish government in Russian airspace.

"All of the above developments have prompted some to seriously consider the assassination scenario. Antoni Macierewicz asked: “If this was not an assassination, then what was it?” Jarosław Kaczyński, Poland’s main opposition leader, admitted that he suspects that the post-Soviet Russian government simply killed his twin brother and the entire Polish delegation.

 It has been suggested that the two jolts Prof. Kazimierz Nowaczyk detected, while reviewing the analysis of the aircraft’s collision warning system, are consistent with the detonation of a thermobaric charge, more commonly known as a fuel-air bomb. In the case of a thermobaric blast, the initial explosion signifies the release of a flammable aerosol, followed by a second one resulting from the ignition of the substance. Such bombs are incredibly destructive, particularly in enclosed spaces. The disintegration of the aircraft and the bodies of the Poles would appear to support the thermobaric explosion hypothesis. Furthermore, both the Soviet and post-Soviet Russian military was quite active in developing thermobaric weaponry, which was utilized in both Afghanistan and Chechnya.

 The assassination theory is also publicly endorsed by veteran CIA officer and new technologies expert, S. Eugene Poteat. Having over fifty years of experience with aviation, Poteat argued bluntly that: “They [the Russians] had the means, the will, the knowledge, the background, the assets. Everything it takes to commit a crime like that, they’re past masters at it.”

The famous KGB-SVR spymaster, Sergey Tretyakov, who defected to the FBI, contributed an insider Soviet-Russian perspective. On March 8, 2012, WikiLeaks revealed that Tretyakov, under the pseudonym “Comrade J,” had corresponded with STRATFOR’s George Friedman stating than an assassination was a realistic possibility.

 Only twelve days following the Smolensk crash, the Russian wrote that his former masters “have such plans (scenarios) to kill other Western leaders, which may be implemented.” Tretyakov died in rather mysterious circumstances less than two months later, in June 2010. Previously, on Christmas Day, December 25, 2011, STRATFOR had sustained a devastating hacking attack that included the loss of confidential emails"

End excerpt.

Also, there is a video clip of what appears to be a missile launched at the plane carrying Kaczynski and his people, and the guy who shot the film has turned up dead.

And now that the European Human Rights Court has upheld it's decision that Katyn was indeed a war crime and that the current regime in Moscow has purposefully stonewalled, Mr. Obama is speaking about POLISH death camps!


Here is more about the strange "accident" at Smolensk.

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