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Sunday, July 15, 2012

It IS Hot Because it's Cold!

Timothy Birdnow It IS hot because it's cold! Yesterday I theorized that the unusually hot weather we've been enjoying in the midwest may be a result of a cooling planet, and it turns out I hit the nail squarely on the head - both in my supposition as well as in the manner in which it worked! (Gee, I love being right!) According to Dr. Tim Ball: "The dome of cold air over polar regions is expanding as the world has cooled since 1998. Rossby Waves in the Circumpolar Vortex that circles from west to east in the middle latitudes switched from Zonal to Meridional flow creating different weather patterns in the middle and high latitudes. Rossby Waves migrate from west to east on a 4 to 6 week basis. However, when the Meridional Wave amplitude gets deep, with cold air pushing toward the Equator and warm air toward the Poles the system blocks. Now the weather pattern migration becomes 8 to 10 weeks and people become nervous. That is what is happening in North America now, but all we hear about is the warm weather across the eastern half of the continent, with little mention of the cold and wet conditions in the west." End excerpt. Take THAT Judah Cohen!

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