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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can Akin Quit?

Timothy Birdnow Todd Akin has missed the withdrawl deadline set forth by Missouri law. What does that mean? It is still possible for Akin to quit the Senate race, but there are a few caveats. Here is the actual statute: Section 115, 359 2. Except as provided for in section 115.247, if there is no additional cost for the printing or reprinting of ballots, or if the candidate agrees to pay any printing or reprinting costs, a candidate who has filed or is nominated for an office may, at any time after the time limits set forth in subsection 1 of this section but no later than 5:00 p.m. on the sixth Tuesday before the election, withdraw as a candidate pursuant to a court order, which, except for good cause shown by the election authority in opposition thereto, shall be freely given upon application by the candidate to the circuit court in the county of such candidate’s residence. No withdrawal pursuant to this subsection shall be effective until such candidate files a copy of the court’s order in the office of the official who accepted such candidate’s declaration of candidacy. End I want everyone to pay careful attention; Akin will have to obtain a court order, an order which CAN BE BLOCKED BY ELECTION AUTHORITIES. Most pundits assume that it will be a simple matter to get Akin out of there now, but I am not so sure; St. Louis County is run by Democrats, and the Secretary of State in Missouri is one of the most aggregious, partisan vote riggers in America - Robin Carnahan. Granted, somebody will have to show cause to keep Akin off the ballot, but I have little doubt Rob'em Robin is busily searching the statutes to find a way to deny a withdrawl by Akin now. Whether we like it or not we may be stuck with Akin. THAT is why it was such a terrible idea for our side to panic and launch a crusade to remove the man. Akin could have been quietly pressured, but the GOP establishment (who have always hated Akin) would have none of that, and far too many conservatives were happy to sharpen the knives and plunge them in. Take a look at this hysterical rant that appeared at American Thinker yesterday, for a prime example. Now here is an ostensible concervative in a conservative publication making such statements as: "Congressman Todd Akin is an utter disgrace" "Forgiveness does not require political suicide, or irresponsible silence in the face of outrageous conduct" "Before anyone else accuses Republicans of throwing Akin under the bus, let's get our metaphors right: We can't throw Akin under the bus, because he is in the sewer." "Given the vile remarks he made" End excerpts. Vile remarks? In the Sewer? Outrageous conduct? What world is the author (John T. Bennett) living in? Akin made some injudicious, careless, perhaps even inaccurate statements, but hardly vile. But THAT is where our noble and brilliant leaders and pundits have taken this. They did not defend Akin, or even try to understand what it was he said. They went into full panic, turned on the man like a pack of wolves, and devoured him. This need not have been catastrophic, but the behavior of our own side has made it so. I am ashamed to call myself a conservative, given the outrageous, vile, in the sewer way people on our side have behaved. The Democrats never do this. Why? Because they know that running like scared rabbits gets to be a habit, and that victory belongs to the bold and the strong, not the weak and timid. They have no logic on their side, nor do they hold the moral high ground, but they manage to win a disproportionate number of political offices throughout America, and they do it because, well, the media supports them, but also because they don't give up the fight. Remember Bill Clinton? He was considered finished after the Lewinsky scandal broke, and people expected him to resign. He refused. He was impeached. He refused to resign. He fought tooth and nail, and is now considered by the popular culture to be one of our better presidents. (He's not, but many in the public see him quite favorably - and did at the time.) People respect strength, respect a willingness to fight. The Democrats, natural born street fighters, understand this. Our side continues endlessly to adopt the "high ground", the position reserved for bullied nerds in the grammar school food chain. Every bullied kid makes the same argument "I'm not descending to THEIR level" and subsequently descends to the ground with blood spurting from mouth or nose. Our side is even worse, for we kindly bloody our own noses or bust our own lips. Now, having destroyed Akin by our own hand, we may find ourselves stuck with him on the ballot. Did our oh-so-brilliant leaders ever once consider THAT? What options will the GOP have? A write-in campaign, perhaps; it worked in Alaska with Lisa Murkowski, but Alaska is far different than Missouri. A write-in candidacy will split the GOP vote. I really don't see that as a viable option. But we may have to do so at this point. It should never have reached this point, but too many on our side wanted to get headlines by trashing Akin, and now they have destroyed him. At this point Akin needs to step down - if they will let him. But Akin is a fighter, and he seems determined to see this thing through. I would love to see him win despite his standing (indeed, because of his current standing) within the GOP, but I doubt he can do it. And I doubt he will.

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