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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We've been hearing that cops are getting out of hand

Dana Mathewson

Well, it's true. I just copped this article from my Yahoo home page. Hope you can all access it. "Sober woman arrested for drunk driving after deputy falsifies report"

From the article:

"n February 2013, Tanya Weyker's car was hit by Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy Joseph Quiles, resulting in her neck being broken in four places. Although she was sober (blood tests later confirmed this), Weyker was arrested for drunk driving, and Quiles filed a police report stating that he had come to a complete stop and the accident was Weyker's fault. Even after the tests came back proving Weyker hadn't been drunk, and surveillance camera footage was released showing Quiles not stopping at the stop sign, the county still demanded that Weyker pay for damages from the accident."

End excerpt.

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