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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Braggadoccio 101

I just thought I would start this blog off with a bit of bragging about my recently published work. On October 29 I had an article published in the American Thinker. It is about the need to maintain our national will and the importance of the recent election. The American Thinker is a great conservative political and philosophical e-zine read by many top commentators such as Rush Limbaugh (he was considering using my article). Click here:

If you are a fan of poetry and would like to see my poem about the news media, you may want to check out the short-lived Poetry Renewal where you can read it here:

If you are interested in a review of Pat Buchanans new book, check out the Claremont Institute for a review by my brother Brian here:

Please bear with me as this is a new blog, and I am not adept at using the tools. I will be posting more news, commentary, and whatever else interests me as time goes by. Check back, and feel free to comment on anything you see here.




Blogger Aussiegirl said...

And an excellent column in the American Thinker it was. Thanks so much for the fine thoughts. Also for the link to your brother's excellent review of Pat Buchanan's new book. After reading the review one knows one needn't purchase Buchanan's book. Looking forward to many more of your writings, Timothy. I'll be checking back frequently (not to put you under any pressure or anything ;-)


8:57 PM  

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