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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

With Friends Like These..

Our ``Oldest Friends`` and erstwhile allies think that Nato should take a back seat to their personal sandbox, the European Union. The E.U. is an attempt by these 5th rate powers to challenge the United States, while we continue to guard and protect them. Consider this from the Times:

Bush falls foul of Chirac over Nato

President George Bush's attempt to heal the rift with Europe on Iraq was marred by fresh differences over the role of Nato. Tony Blair joined Mr Bush in hailing the alliance as the "cornerstone" of the trans-Atlantic relationship, under repair in the wake of the war. But French President Jacques Chirac backed German suggestions that Nato should take a back seat to the European Union.

Now, compare this to our Newest Friend, Ukraine. The Ukrainian people can`t wait to join NATO! They are eager to guard our backs, and it looks like the President is going to support their entry. Read about it

Let me get this straight; our old friends say essentially ``screw you`` and our new friend can`t wait to join us. Tell me again, why are we friends with Germany and France?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with France and Germany is that they've become impotent on the world stage. This became most apparent during the break-up of Yugoslovia and has only gone downhill since.

They are jelous because we continuely show the courage of conviction that they so sorely lack.

They are very good at writing peace treaties and passing resolutions but when it comes time to back them up they're nowhere to be found.

The biggest joke on the world scene is their involment in negotiations with Iran aimed at halting Tehran's uranium enrichment program. Ha Ha, I bet the Mullah's are having quit a laugh over that one.

It's time for the Bush administration, and the American people, to wake up and smell the coffee. Let's kick the French and Germans to the curb and spend our diplomatic energies on countries who actually WANT to be our friends.

Anonymous Political Poster

6:40 PM  
Blogger Aussiegirl said...

We've got New Europe and Old Europe and they are quite different. Old Europe is mired in their opium dreams of past glory -- and they can't accept the fact that they are irrelevant powers whose time has gone. Ukraine and the New Europeans (and Ukraine is still an infant in these matters, but hopefully will grow quickly under the nurturance of Yushchenko) are still fresh from their days of being oppressed and so they are really reveling in their newfound freedom and democracy and they have an unjaded view. Old Europe needs their new blood -- but they don't realize it -- they are like the old fogy bluebloods wasting away in their old smoky gentlemen's clubs, superciliously looking down their noses at the muscular new guys who'd like to join -- they haven't a clue.

I'm very surprised by Lebanon -- Kirk Sowell saw this trend right from the beginning on his blog, Window on the Arab World, and More! and most of us didn't see it coming. Nice post.

8:53 PM  

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