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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I Swear I`m Not Making This Up!

I have been into Pravda today, and found some real gems! I thought this type of surrealism died with the Soviet Union. If this is true, why aren`t the Russians MOVING this radioactive material out of Ukraine and burying it in Moscow? Helps build strong bodies!

By the way, the top line is actually how the article printed when I cut and pasted:

Say what you want! PRAVDA.Ru will hear you! ==

Front page / Science and Health / Science / Discoveries
Chernobyl's radiation improves children's immune system in radiation-polluted regions of Ukraine
05/24/2005 17:48
Doctors say that a half of local schoolchildren suffer from thyroid enlargement

There is a threat of radioactive pollution in Ukraine's south, on the Crimean Peninsula. Carcasses of strategic bomber planes, which participated in A-bomb tests in Semipalatinsk, are buried on the outskirts of the city of Kerch. Ecologists say that the radiation level considerably exceeds the norm on the site of the burial.

Local authorities do not take any measures to protect the secret object. Local residents collect metal scrap there, hunt for hares and pick mushrooms. Children enjoy playing on the territory behind barbed wire. Doctors say that a half of local schoolchildren suffer from thyroid enlargement. The Emergency Ministry of Crimea addressed to the government of Ukraine with a suggestion to take the radioactive wastes away from the territory and utilize them. There has not been an adequate decision made on the matter yet.

It is worth mentioning that radiation has had a stimulating effect on a lot of children living in the areas that suffered from the Chernobyl disaster. Doctor of medical sciences, a professor of the Bryansk State University, Vladimir Mikhalev, shares such an opinion: the doctor has been studying children's development in both the Chernobyl area and in non-polluted regions for years.

According to Dr. Mikhalev, a lot of children living in Chernobyl-affected areas started growing faster in comparison with other children. They have better reactions; their brain activity is more active as well. Such children have a more powerful immune system in comparison with their equals residing in other territories. The professor also said that he could apply such a conclusion to the settlements, where increased radiation was registered and where people were consuming pesticide-free food and water.

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