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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Red Horse

There is an article by Olivier Guitta in the American Thinker today which echoes much of what I have said in recent posts about the situation in Iran. Read it here.

Iran has gone from crisis to emergency, and we still have no coherent plan in place to deal with it. It`s getting too late to implement my ``Contra Option`` and foment revolution inside of Iran, diplomacy is an abysmal failure (did we expect more?) and, as Olivier Guitta shows, our military options are limited. We may have frittered away any opportunity to deal credibly with this threat-and we will pay dearly for that! The Mullahs will not rest until either an American or Israeli city disappears in a blinding flash. We are reaching the point where a full-scale invasion may be our only option.

The problem is, of course, that our leaders are more interesting in political machinations than in protecting the United States, and they are subject to pressures put on them by the lunatic left groups (such as move-on.ogre and Nut-In-Our-Names,with the aid of the mainstream media), and who, if I dare say, would actually WELCOME a defeat of the United States. Many (the good hearted liberals) because they see U.S. policy as provocative and militaristic, thus causing the animus against us. Some of the very radical on the extreme Left would like nothing better than to dismantle the ``reactionary`` United States, and a city or two would be a small price to pay to end American bigotry worldwide and usher in the era of peace and socialism. The radical left fringe would never openly say this; in fact, many of them may not even realize that they feel this way. Nonetheless, they work feverishly against our interests and security, much like termites eating away at the framework of a house from the inside. Considering the radicalization of the Democrat Party, our political leaders fear offending these screwballs because of the financial resources involved-hence we have witnessed a paralysis within our government which may well lead to total catastrophe.

The problem actually goes much deeper than a dearth of adequate leadership; the fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves. The American people generally get what they ask for, and we have lived far too long like spoiled children. Too many Americans don`t want to face the unpleasant truth. Too many people seek their own interests without concern for their neighbors. Too many Americans have been willing to support craven leaders because those particular politicians have handouts to give in return for a vote. As a result, we now have a vacuum of leadership at the top levels, which are filled with men who seek not the Nation`s welfare first, but their own wealth and aggrandizement, and who bribe the populace with their own tax dollars. Too many of our leaders care merely about power-either retaining it or reacquiring it, and few are willing to actually LEAD! According to the Bible, God gives a Nation the leaders it deserves. We have been petty, vain, greedy, and foolish in years past (can anyone argue that the `90`s was little more than an exercise in narcissism?) We should not be surprised to find our leaders are petty, vain, greedy, and foolish.

The United States (and, indeed, the World) is facing the greatest peril in it`s history; we see an alignment forming which can explode at any time. The Europeans are hiding under their beds, coming out only long enough to knife our backs, the Russians will sell out to the highest bidder and would love nothing more than to avenge themselves on the United States for the Cold War, China`s political and military leaders all say war with the United States is inevitable and they are making preparations to that end (they have heavily funded Al-Quada and other terrorist groups to act as a proxy against us), and the Islamic world isvery serious about reasserting itself and finishing the work of Muhammad. The prospect of terrorists and their state sponsors having nuclear weapons is horrifying! What will happen if a nuke takes out a city? Suppose North Korea nukes Tokyo? (They have already fired missiles over Japan on several occasions.) The Japanese may not have nuclear weapons now, but I assure you they will acquire them immediately, and take out Pyongyang. This could bring the Chinese in and we have WWIII. If Iran hits Tel-Aviv the Israelis will respond with a nuclear counterattack which will bring the Russians in, and we will have a terrible decision to make. We simply cannot allow state sponsors of terrorism to acquire atomic weapons; and the chief state sponsor in the world today is Iran!

Removing the Islamic Republic has several benefits; we assure a steady flow of oil from Iran, we end the Iraqi Jihad (which the Iranians are eagerly supporting), and we put an end to the Iranian sponsorship of terrorism. We can virtually end the War on Terrorism by taking the Ayatollahs out. They are the principle backers of terrorism worldwide! We have every reason to act, but do we have the will? Time is just about out.



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Tim, Tim, Tim!!! I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!!

Phew!! I have just finished reading your incredibly devastatingly accurate assessment and you couldn't be more right!! You have given voice to all my worst fears as I see these creeping dangers gathering on the horizon. Heavens, is no one at the helm? Is no one seeing this? Bush's answers about Iran and North Korea were quite unsettling yesterday, he droned on and on about "diplomacy" - and he "hoped" diplomacy would work. On North Korea he again iterated the idea that China would be a big help in persuading North Korea to cease and desist. HA!! It is precisely in China's interest to see a nuclear chest-thumping North Korea as a buffer against democratic South Korea. China has witnessed Russia's losses of Ukraine and other former buffer states and does not wish to follow in Russia's footsteps.

Let us not forget Tiananmen Square, when the Chinese showed that they would not follow Gorbachev's example in liberalizing reforms in Russia. They knew that the most dangerous time for any dictatorship is when a small measure of freedom is allowed.

And that is why I now question whether in the long run, our involvement in Iraq will prove to have been a mistake.
If all we succeed in doing in Iraq is removing an obstacle to a Greater Iran, then we will have failed, and will have created a bigger danger to the world than Saddam Hussein ever could have been.

You are right, the time for a Contra type solution seems to have passed. Although I have heard from people working with democratic groups inside Iran that there will be forthcoming democratic demonstrations there. But will the mullahs countenance this? And will the United States, as GWB has stated, support those democracy forces? Or will we go back to the bargaining table and hope to bribe the Iranians into putting off the bad news for yet a little while longer.

I'm definitely going to have to link this great article on UT and quote extensively.


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