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Monday, May 09, 2005

Syria Shows Her Cards

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This story in the Washington Times proves that Syria is trying to destabilize Iraq. We simply cannot tolerate this any longer; Syria is one of the main havens for international terrorism, and President Bush needs to deal with it now. How can Iraq become a stable Democracy while foreign terrorists filter into the country for Jihad? Consider what happened to Lebanon. Lebanon was in far better shape from an historical and social perspective than Iraq, yet it collapsed in the `80`s thanks to Syria and their terrorist-thugs, as well as the gratitude of the Palestinian refugees. How can Iraq, which has never had a western-style democratic system, succeed while being molested by the forces of Jihad?



Blogger Esther said...

It can't Timothy. You nailed that one dead-on. Until Iraq's borders are sealed, Syrian interference is going to continue to be a threat that could lead to the downfall of everything we've been trying to accomplish.

9:09 AM  

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