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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Divided Loyalties

The Center for Immigration Studies has a paper on the dangers of allowing dual citizenship. Everyone who is concerned about illegal immigration and the rising tide of multiculturalism should read this!



Blogger Don Bangert said...

He falls short of his duty to both who tries to serve two masters.
~Latin Proverb

I've always found it difficult to understand how a person could have "dual-citizenship" and not have a conflict of interest.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

The enormous number of prospective dual citizens in the United States raises the most profound questions about the basis on which this country was built and has developed for the past 229-plus years. The viability and integrity of the American national community depends on the emotional attachments of its citizens.

The United States is way too lenient about realilzing the implications of dual citizenship. As Don said, a conflict of interest--this needs to be a serious consideration in this world of cultural conflicts. The world is not one big, happy family.

11:11 AM  

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