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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Law Must Be a Bachelor

There is a lot of great stuff in TAS this morning. More importantly, there is a lot of great stuff which illustrates things I have already said.

For example, Doug Bandow argues that the time has come for a non-lawyer to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Where have we heard that? Oh, that`s right, we heard that here! I made the case that government has come to be dominated by lawyers, and that this is not at all what the Founding Fathers intended. Our viewpoints are far too narrow, and everything is viewed through the prism of legalism. (I am reminded of the Al Pacino movie ``Devils Advocate`` in which Pacino, speaking as the Prince of Darkness, calls lawyers the new high priests since Law has inserted itself into everything, essentially usurping the Word of God.) We need more historians, more economists, more businessmen, and just plain ordinary people in government. We need people who can look at problems and solve them, rather than use them as clubs to beat their opponents. We need people who seek freedom rather than those who would manipulate others through power. The time has come for a broader view, and a return to the original intent of the Founders.

If, as Dickens said, the Law is a bachelor it is becoming an old and feeble one; perhaps it is time for the saucy young lawyer tarts to find a new playmate.



Blogger Alnot said...

One of the best investigators and thinkers I have ever met is an accountant and goes by the AOL screen name Scottheax2. You have never lived until you have survived posting on the same message board as The Axe. He finally came back to Madworld after taking some time off to grow. Scott is one very good person to know.

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