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Monday, October 17, 2005

Do Chinese Astronauts Use Soyuz Sauce?

The Chinese have joined the space race and intend on racing America back to the Moon.

There are two points to be made about this. First, If China developes a full-blown space program they will be able to build ICBM`s. The Chinese have gotten to this point thanks to Bill Clinton, who sold them advice from Loral Aerospace for campaign money. From my perspective, this was an act of treason, and America (and, indeed the whole world) may pay dearly for Wild Bill`s ``legacy``; was keeping Clinton`s sex life exciting worth the price an arms race and possible nuclear war?

A second point to consider is how this will affect long term growth in space itself. It could be a good thing to force NASA to compete again; the Space Agency has stagnated to the point of calcification. We NEED to go back to the Moon! We need to STAY on the Moon permanently! We need to build infrastructure in space, infrastructure which will enable permanent settlement. I fear a second race to the Moon will repeat the first; getting there will be the only goal. We need to make long-term plans.

The ability to move from place to place has been the critical factor in peaceful settlement and in war, and the nation most adept at this has generally been the dominant country on Earth. First Cavalry and quick marching meant domination, then control of the seas, then air supremacy. The future great powers will have to control Earth orbit. It is as simple as that! The United States has controlled Low Earth Orbit for several decades, and we won the Cold War as a result. The next step is to control the higher orbits-Geostationary, the Moon, etc. If we concede these to China we will surely see the 21st Century belong to the Chinese. We will be giving them the high ground!

Now, I would rather see China settle the Solar System than see the job go undone, but I would greatly prefer America leading the world into the new frontier; we have always been a pioneering nation, and we have the opportunity to settle lands far, far larger than the Great Plains. We should advance our beliefs and cultural heritage there, because ours is the way of freedom and opportunity. A Chinese solar system would be a place of misery and statism; greater America would spread the blessings we have received to countless generations! We simply must compete.

Keep in mind that China will doubtlessly militarize space, and that we can ill-afford to allow them to win the space race. This is serious, and we must strengthen our resolve! We can`t allow the myopic view held by many that we are ``throwing money away`` in space prevail. We can invest now, or pay through the nose later!

At any rate, we can all thank Bill Clinton!

Hat tip to The American Thinker.

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