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Monday, October 31, 2005

Ultimate Evil

For those who want real terror on Holloween, check out this display of ultimate evil!



Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

After reading almost every word of Ms. Dowd's long essay, and feeling alternately confused by her, and sympathy for her, I came to the end realizing that she has been running in circles for most of her life.

She never seemed to take stock of her own life, of her personal wants and desires, but always to take the lead of someone like a Gloria Steinem, who was more than happy to tell Maureen what she ought to want out of life.

People like Ms. Steinem made a living by keeping young women confused. First take away all of the values they have learned within the loving arms of their family, and then fill the void with the notion that unless they are extremely successful in the business world, they have achieved nothing. Being moderately successful with a loving husband and family, was considered equal to running only in third place at best.

Instead of listening to her mother's advice that came from love, Maureen chose to listen only to those who were being paid to advise her to read Cosmopolitan magazine, etc. A magazine that uses air brushed photos of 13 year old girls to represent the images of mature women.

She chose to listen to women who had not been able to make a success of their early marriages, and were now on a campaign to prove that their failure was not their fault, but the fault of men in general, and of what they perceived to be the limits of our society.

Our culture is not perfect, but it has evolved over centuries based on normal human behavior that is gender specific. These women tried to change our culture in only one generation, and they are now having difficulty accepting that human behavior is indeed in our DNA, and no amount of wishing it otherwise will make it so.

Maureen mentioned her mother frequently, but I do not recall one reference to her father. Not all women are as lucky as I was to have a loving father, one who would give me advice about boys in subtle ways, and with cute remarks that I can still quote today.

I wish her well, but until she can learn to be more concerned about someone other than herself, she may never find the happiness she longs for at this stage of her life.

7:54 PM  
Blogger TJ Willms said...

Matt Drudge ran a quickie contest to find an alternate headline for this column but it was over with when I found this column, and I had had one but...

MoDo is trapped in circular illogic throughout this piece and seems genuinely confused by the unintended consequences of the 1960’s era radical feminism that she decided to embrace and adore. The only vein of truth in the entire diatribe is the fact that the older we all get the smarter our parent’s were. It’s amazing how brilliant we were at 15 or16 and after a few short years out on our own how much smarter Mom and Dad become.

Mo should have listened to mom and she may have been happier... but I doubt it.

My alternate headline…

“Now that we’ve emasculated you. . .

Be a Man!”

2:24 AM  
Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...


I would have voted for your very insightful headline!

9:13 AM  
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