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Friday, December 30, 2005

One Step Closer to Star Wars

Boeing has test fired a laser capable of bringing down an ICBM.

According to a Boeing spokesman:

``The power levels we have demonstrated are lethal against all classes of ballistic missile," and a field test will be conducted soon.

More than ever, America needs a missile defense. China, North Korea, Iran, etc. are all in the process of developing rockets capable of hitting the United States, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. (China received a huge boost from Loral Aerospace, who taught them how to fix their satellite launches thanks to our old friend Bill Clinton.) Contrary to popular belief, we never had any means of stopping Soviet ICBM attacks; we relied on our ability to destroy the enemy with an attack of our own (Mutual Assured Destruction). Now, with a decentralization of the threat, we must develope defensive capabilities. MAD only worked because we knew exactly who was going to attack us; and it needs to be pointed out that we had some bad scares during the Cold War. In fact, we were very lucky we didn`t have an accidental nuclear exchange. MAD was not an optimal solution.

The ability to destroy an enemy`s attack weapons without having to annihilate them would save millions of lives and ensure a more peaceful and civil world. The Left hates this! They WANT a vulnerable America, because they believe America is the source of all the world`s ills. They despise the conventional power we have to enforce our will, and so they oppose our ability to defend against nuclear blackmail. If the peaceniks really sought peace, they would be gung-ho on missile defense. Their bitter opposition (note all of the negativity in this Post-Disgrace article) speaks volumes about their intentions and beliefs. They want to disarm us, not protect lives. A missile defense system would end any hope of forcing America to bow before an enemy.

Does anybody remember the recent blackmail by China? The Chinese warned they may go nuclear if we assist Taiwan in any invasion. Would their threat have any credibility if they knew we could shoot their missiles down, while we could strike them at will? Is fear of nuclear annihilation a better option?

I pray that we can develope these weapons, and deploy them before some enemy of Mankind can beat us to the punch.

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