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Friday, December 23, 2005

Unwanted Guests

Christopher Adamo elucidates the problem with Bush`s Guest Worker Program in the American Thinker Today.

The problem with the Guest Worker Program is that these are guests who are not going to leave. (Who hasn`t thrown a party and had one guy who hangs around long after it`s over? In this case, the guest wants to stay on permanently!) Furthermore, they will encourage new guests to come. We simply cannot coddle illegal immigrants. I understand that they are merely seeking a better life. I understand that they may be good people. They can be good people in Mexico, or wherever they come from, but they are criminals when they cross our borders without our permission, and they must be treated as such. Why are so many coming now? Because they literally have nothing to lose. We have to make it unprofitable for them, as well as for anyone who employs them. We have to have real consequences for this flagrant disregard for our laws.

A Guest Worker Program is an invitation.



Blogger Michael Morrison said...

"Flagrant disregard of our laws"?
Tim, that isn't a tenable standard.
Remember when black Americans flagrantly disregarded laws that said they couldn't do what other Americans did?
Remember when some anti-statists flagrantly disregarded laws that said don't hide Jews from the authorities?
Remember when many Americans flagrantly disregarded the fugitive slave laws?
Tim, and anyone else reading this, it is a moral duty to disregard any law that violates rights.
Many laws, probably, in fact, most laws, do violate rights.
Disregarding them is, as I said, a moral duty.
Yes, it might take a lot of courage to face the wrath of the state, but we have just celebrated a birth of One who said we should show that courage, that we should live for what is right, that we should obey His new commandment, that we love one another.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Michael Morrison said...

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11:39 AM  

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